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  1. 1. Mirror your partner
    2. Actually spend time with your partner
    3. Show you are capable and intelligent. but still human
    4. Show your positive side
    5. Wear red!
    6. Make a good first impression

  2. 1. Mirror your partner 0:49
    2. Actually spend time with your partner 1:32
    3. Show you are capable and intelligent, but still human 2:36
    4. Show your positive side 3:41
    5. Wear red 4:22
    6. Make a good first impression 5:14
    Hope this helps☺️

  3. I can’t express how thankful I am for your videos – they definitely help me understand myself better and get through the daily life. Thanks, you are a blessing 🙏🏼

    1. I’m like you…..I love truth and wisdom and intelligent conversations, but I find chickens around me who iether can’t, won’t or are agreviated by any conversations about in-depth things..
      I wish we could meet all together ,I mean us victims

  4. Hey Physch2Go I love you,please hear me out! I have problem now – I need these videos to stay okay because being Introvert with Insomnia completely destroying me every day. So while I’m alive,I watch the remaining fragile years of my life with good contents like you. Thank you for this,you changed my life everyday

  5. I’m curious about the red dress study. Did they make the two women swap dresses at any point and do an equal amount of meetings? What if the girl in red was just more attractive or seemed more inviting? That could cause the data to skew towards the red dress. Also, how big was the sample size?

    I ask because find myself less attracted to red. So I wonder if I’m an outlier or it the study has some flaws in data collection.

    1. I wonder if something else was going on there too. Just because the men wanted to spend time with the red dress ladies and sit close to them doesn’t necessarily mean that they were falling for them, right? I think that the colour red gets associated with sex and sexy ladies, so there were potentially other motives going on there? 🧐

  6. I’d like to argue that number 4 slightly contradicts number 3. If you’re always happy, that’s not realistic and you might come off as being “perfect”. Which as a result might lower your attractiveness.

    1. Giving off good energy and happy vibe is important but showing that your life is not perfect, you are not perfect is great cause people start to make nonhuman expectations which you can’t blame them for..

    2. Always being nice is just showing emotional maturity unless you see a threat, then, dont be nice but know how to do it right or you’ll look like a loose cannon.

  7. Amazing tips as always! I’ve found the leg sweep very effective in making others fall for me, but I think I’ll be using these tips in the near future.

  8. It’s important to remember that these signs can all be exploited. Certain people unfortunately haven’t learned to/don’t want to commit to any deep love but still know exactly how to push anyone’s buttons to make them fall in love. Thus, it’s super important to look out for signs of incompatibility, flakiness, two-timing with multiple people and other player behavior if it’s commitment you’re looking for. Even the most sensible and intelligent people can be fooled so always look out for signs it’s too good to be true.

  9. I love this channel. It helps me to understand myself and my emotions better. I liked the earlier animation style a bit more but It is valuable and helpful anyway. I admire this work. ❤❤❤

    1. Not to be a contrarian, but try looking outside of people like you…you’d be surprised who’s out there. Edit: I think I put this under the wrong comment.

  10. Wow! This makes more sense now. In a society where too many are seeking perfection, why not seek progression? I’ve had girls who didn’t see me in the best light at first, but were immensely blown away that I turned everything around. I just had to warm up!

    Great video!!

  11. Number 3 is important, some people even fall for someone else’s clumsiness. It’s in the human nature that we want to be as close to perfect as possible, but it’s impossible. Very interesting video, thanks! ❤️🙌

    1. This was the most intimidating tip to me and probably the most revealing. I used to be 350 lbs and I lost 115. I now have a “Chad body” I’ve been told but I’m still a nerd. It’s been insanely hard for me to connect to anyone for years. I don’t know if this is an “aha” moment or if I’m just wrong and that’s not the reason I can’t connect with people 😔

    2. @Evan Taylor Washington don’t contend, instead learn how to yield. Without humility you will not succeed in connecting with others. With self praise you won’t shine. With complaints, the complaints won’t end.

  12. Love the Jujitsu Kaisen clip. 😂🤣😂🤣 I also love how the DSMP is referenced in the animations so much. I’m a long time subscriber, and these videos have helped me understand myself and my trauma so much. Thank you guys for the support on my road to recovery! 💕💕💕

  13. “The elements in a relationship which seem impossible to share, the secretly disturbing, dissatisfying elements, are the most rewarding to share. This is a hard, risky, frightening thing to learn, and it needs to be re-learned over and over.” – Carl Rogers

  14. 1. mirror your partner (0:50)
    2. actually spend time with your partner (1:32)
    3. show you are capable and intelligent, but still human (2:37)
    4. show your positive side (3:43)
    5. wear red (4:22)
    6. make a good first impression (5:15)

  15. If its meant to be its meant to be. Sometimes we dont even know why we fall for the people we fall for but it just happens and there’s no set formula or way to make someone like you. At most these tips might help you make more friends or make you seem more charming but won’t always make someone like you romantically.

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