5 Style Tips EVERY Girl Should Know *life changing*

Wooooo! Happy Monday my beauties! I’m so excited about this video because I’m sharing 5 of my BEST style tips. I hope you love this video and try out some of these tips for yourself. xo

Shapewear I love:
Jockey Luxuriously Smooth Tank

Spanx High Waisted Mid Thigh Shorts

Spanx Lace Hipster Panties

Spanx Shorts

The denim I love:

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112 Comments on “5 Style Tips EVERY Girl Should Know *life changing*”

    1. Hello… I am 15 with no desire to spend every penny I make in the next two years, on some friggin fancy leg socks! When I see even shirts that are fifteen dollars I go “meh, I don’t love myself that much”

    1. @Amanda H I wear high rise jeans and it literally doesn’t dig into my crotch. I have to wear high rise because mid- and low-rise jeans just fall since I’m too thin for a lot of jeans.

    2. Heck yes!! High-rise jeans, as I’ve found, make me actually look like I have hips! And they have some pockets .0. and not just on the back!!

    3. @Amanda H everyone’s body is different based on the shape. I can only wear high rise because mid- and low- rise dig into my crotch and give me a muffin top. But people with smaller torsos and more rectangular body shapes don’t always look as good with high-rise bottoms

    4. @Rachel Knodel I have a long torso and small space between my ribs and hips. High rise hurt me in the crotch and waist cutting me in half when I sit . Glad it works for y’all but it’s a no go for me

    1. @Connor: RK-800 we girls aren’t watching her videos to get a guy, we are watching them to feel better about our selves, to organize our wardrobe, and to get the style we wan’t. Alright??

      Not everything is about guys you know.
      If a guy truly likes a girl he should support her style no matter what he thinks, we girls aren’t going to change our style to make someone love us. If we feel comfortable in what we are wearing we should wear it!

    2. Salvation Army!! Find places near communities with money. You can find designer items, with tags on them for mere dollars!! Also Ebay and other second hand sites are out there.

    1. Plastic fibres such as acrylic, polyester, nylon, chiffon etc. also make me sweaty. But there is also cotton shape wear. It’s rare but it exists 🙂

    1. @tariska kainmutyeah no, I know plenty of skinny and fit women who still wear shape wear. There is nothing wrong with shape wear or corsets (when used properly).

    2. @super duper she never said that? I switched to better underwear and I don’t regret it. She never shamed anyone? She just gave some style tips, she never said that you HAVE to. These tips are just to make you more comfortable in what you wear, like the monochromatic? That just blew my mind and I really like it.

    3. @super duper she never said that you are not a real woman? She said that they are not made for a womans body, these type of underwear are for children, but she never said that you arent a real woman?????

    1. @nm mm that’s her natural hair and her natural lips and her natural body. She even had her breast implants removed so there’s not even that anymore.

    2. I always feel like the point of these videos is that she’s not perfect but she works on beauty and self-love. It is really nice to see, though.

    3. If u like her so muchh . Let me recommend you Bestdressed or Bestmess. Her audience are teenagers and she will be the elder sister you never had

    4. Just be yourself, please, we all are uniq, we all are perfect the way we are, we just need to make daily selfcare habbits and to feel Good about ourselfs, the best way is to help others we actualy help to ourselfs ☺️🍀🙏💚

    1. It’s not perfect just attractive. Looks are subjective. What might be beautiful to u might not be to someone else. It’s not easy to be beautiful but I think attractive is attainable with a lot of hard work. But I think it’s more important to figure out the why first because there have been many people who ran after an ideal seeking happiness only to find out it wasn’t the body they were looking for, it was the self confidence and assurance that came with it. So if you’re looking for that perfect self image for yourself, start with self love. Find the things about yourself that you love and work on the areas of your self care you think you could improve. Mould your own vision of what it means to be beautiful and eventually you’ll see the fruits of your labour blossoming. You’ll be a lot happier too.

    1. Ace Dee she wasn’t talking about the shape of them. It’s the seam of the undies that’s tighter than the rest of the undies, creating a visible line. While lace doesn’t and makes it seamless. Doesn’t really matter if it’s a thong or not. Just the seem and fabric itself

    1. i personally wouldn’t spend that much on jeans, but i wouldn’t call it a waste of money. it’s her money that she earned, so if she wants to invest her money in fashion then that’s fine. i mean, she seems to have enough money to invest in other things people prioritise as well (going abroad, getting her hair done every week) and good for her. if she can afford $200-300 jeans then so be it – she clearly has a lot more money than all of us due to the nature of her job as an influencer, AND she’s very interested in fashion.

    1. @MANONETRA SARAVANABALAJI Based on Queen’s famous song and clip “I want to break free.” It’s the female version of Roger Taylor in the video, who’s dressed as a naughty schoolgirl.

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