43 Comments on “3 sneaky psychology tricks to make someone fall for you 🤫”

  1. Sometimes these things are actually them just being honest like pointing out the fact that they can’t be together and is not them trying to make you like them more it just depends

  2. Like I said in a previous comment, even if you are mentally strong don’t be offended if this works on you because it can work if you haven’t experienced this being done on you yet, ok? Love y’all 🎉❤

  3. Weell If someone said to me that we coudln’t be together for some reason I would back off and respect it and never bring it up again cause I don’t wanna be annoying 😀

    1. The key to it is you’re making it something where it’s a hurdle it’s not impossible it’s just a difficulty that if they put forth the effort they can actually get through it. Basically making them feel like they conquered something a challenge if you will.

  4. Guhhh this is truly toxic stuff, life is short if people do this garbage just keep walking because if it starts toxic it’s going to end the same way.

  5. If a girl would tell me “we can never be together” that would be it. I’ve had this just too often real time to be tempted to believe it doesn’t mean what it says.

    1. Seduction is a game that you have to play. If you read ancient texts that spanned in the past 2000 years, you would see that seduction hasn’t changed a bit because human nature hasn’t changed.

  6. You gotta be careful who you play head games with…

    The wrong person will eat you alive lady.

    Thank you for this advice though. Awareness can be lifesaving.

  7. “If a girl says we cannot be together because of” I always turn and don’t give her a second thought because men who do are labeled creep or stalker or worse

  8. Sounds like a lot of these are just manipulative tactics to mess with people. I’m not about that. You shouldn’t have to manipulate anyone to fall in love with you.

  9. This came on my feed and I want to give my two cents as well. If someone puts up a barrier, or says they can’t date, it’s best to back off. Sometimes it’s what the people say because they aren’t interested and we should respect their choice

  10. 2 actually makes so much sense. Imagine if a girl loves cats so much and she just knew that you’re actually afraid of them, interesting to know how she would respond

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