3 Fashion Rules EVERYONE should Follow | How To Look Good ANYWHERE

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3 Fashion Rules EVERYONE should Follow | How To Look Good ANYWHERE
I’ve always said that rules are meant to be broken – even when it comes to fashion. BUT (and this is a big BUT) there are THREE GOLDEN RULES that I believe everyone needs to know. These rules don't need to be followed ALL the time but if you can't quite figure out when an outfit isn't working it's often because you've broken one of these fashion rules. Balance and proportion are words you hear a lot about in fashion and I’m guilty of talking about them a lot too and that's why I wanted to share why these things are important and how understanding them can unlock the secret to great style.
Breaking any of these three rules can throw an otherwise great outfit off kilter and by making some small tweaks (aka following these rules) you can make any outfit shine – trust me.

I hope you enjoy watching today's fashion and style edit because I had a lot of fun filming this one.

See you soon


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43 Comments on “3 Fashion Rules EVERYONE should Follow | How To Look Good ANYWHERE”

  1. Great tips, Leonie, and I don’t mind you moving around showing the outfits maybe just slow down a bit so we can really see them from all angles. You have great content and are such a lovely lady! 💖

    1. @The Style Insider Yes, please move more slowly so we can actually see the outfit and not be distracted by the excessive movement. You’re making me dizzy!

  2. In photo, the ⅓-⅔ proportions also applies to left right. I’m petite and I found that wearing pencil skirts bellow the knee and sweater blouses gives me the ⅓-⅔ and slim bouffant relation.

  3. It’s so easy to get stuck in the prior fashion trend, thank you for showing us the more modern ways to style our wardrobes! I love the three rules you gave us, I think that I can remember to use those principles when I’m playing around with my clothes😊

    1. Yay that was exactly what I was hoping this video would do. Remember you can still break the rules but if an outfit doesn’t seem to be working it may just be because of one of these rules x

  4. My daughter (who’s a fashion student) and i think the tan boots outfit with the tan bottom and black top is more fashionable than with the black boots 😊

    1. Yes, I thought the same too. I like the tan boots outfit better. Maybe because I remember the rule about not wearing dark shoes with light pants?? I’m 57 so I’ve seen lots of fashion rules change over the years but once they are ingrained in one’s head it is so hard to forget them. I’m really working hard on the don’t wear white after Labour Day rule….lol. That is a hard one for me.

    2. Yes I agree it’s not bad at all – I suppose my point was that if for some reason an outfit isn’t working and you’re not sure why – it is often one of these “rules” that’s throwing it off.

  5. Leonie! You’re doing a great job. I love seeing more of you styling & the tips w vid are everything! Keep it up You look stunning & fit too. 💞💞💞🥂

  6. Hi Leonie this was really helpful especially as you put side by side photos ✅❌ I loved how you styled all your outfits & I too like crossbody bags . 3 easy rules to remember- I will definitely make sure to use them from now on lol ❤

    1. Thanks Sharon but only use
      them when you feel you “need” to use them. If an outfit isn’t feeling quite right it’s usually one of these three reasons why 🙏🏼😊

  7. In the all-black outfit where you add the cream faux- fur coat, what happens if you go out for lunch for example and then take off your coat? You’re back to an unbalanced outfit.

    A lot of influencers show outfits that look great when they are complete with a coat but I always struggle to see how they still work once you take your coat off, take your bag off and take your sunglasses off as you are inside.

    1. So true! I always like to leave the house and arrive looking put together and that’s enough. It’s great if it works regardless of the accessories but hey … it won’t always work 😊

  8. Great tips!! The principles of design ( balance, line, rhythmn, repetition, pattern, 2/3rd or 3/5ths, etc) apply to all things visual whether 2D or 3D.

  9. Hello the Style Insider,

    In relation to the three rules; What do you mean by everyone? Women and men, or only women?
    09:56 Apart from your rule, I think this outfit looks really good, maybe because of the contrast between the white and black colors.
    Thanks for your efforts.

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