15 Things You *NEED TO BUY* at the DOLLAR TREE!

15 Things You *NEED TO BUY* at the DOLLAR TREE! For links to items shown in the video, click SHOW MORE!

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I hope you enjoyed this Dollar Tree video!!! There are so many things at the Dollar Tree that are NOT worth it/total waste of money…but these items are GREAT! If you have any other Dollar Tree recommendations, let me know in the comment section below. Thanks for watching 🙂

(19 Underrated Dollar Tree Must-Haves!)



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23 Comments on “15 Things You *NEED TO BUY* at the DOLLAR TREE!”

  1. Great realistic round up. Thanks for suggesting the wire brushes. I could use those and would never think they’d be in there. Also the glassware is definitely a must; at one point they had white plain chef’s plates if you will and everyone swore I paid top dollar for them.

  2. Yes, I love their laundry bags and use them and the foldable net hampers when I’m away. One if my Best purchases are their calendars… everyone I know always complain they can’t find calendars….I got them covered. Thanks for sharing this fun video Shea….I Love the Dollar Tree… use to love it more when it was a Dollar. 🤷🏾‍♀️💯💕🌺

  3. If ever there was a store for buyer beware – it is Dollar Tree. The one area I think they have cornered is gift bags. A variety of styles, always pretty, always cheap. I am noticing that other stores now seem to have lowered some prices [ or added new items] to $1 for several things that Dollar Tree used to pride itself on. ….WalMart and Dollar General as a couple of examples.

  4. My sister says that I’m addicted to Dollar Tree 😂😂 She may be right 😅 I do agree that alot of things aren’t worth $1.25, but there’s so much that is! I also bought their garden gloves this year. Plus a ton of other things 😊

  5. i disagree about the meaning behind greeting cards, they’re definitely special in my family however i agree that im not paying more than a dollar or maybe 2 for a greeting card so i also EXCLUSIVELY get my greeting cards from dollar tree. i’ve turned many people onto doing that as well because other places charge $5 sometimes more per card

  6. Can confirm the pregnancy tests DO WORK! First test I took when I was pregnant with my son was from the dollar tree and darn if it wasn’t accurate!

  7. They actually have magazines for $3.99 & up that are very chic! I get the home and garden types and actually read them and get tips that are useful! Love this video btw, keep them coming! 😉👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  8. Nice to see you’re coming around to the DT also! I’m an avid shopper there, it’s all about the hunt for sure! Those of us who have been shopping at the DT for years know not everything is worth it, but we also know, you have to check often because they’re getting new exciting items all the time! TFS!

  9. I love the dollar tree. My family knows I can’t hardly pass up a dollar tree. I do agree with you 💯 % somethings are not worth a $1.25, so I stopped purchasing them at the dollar tree. I still love the glassware and alot of the containers. Glad to see you do another dollar tree, recommend video.
    Love your hair today.

  10. Yes, love Dollar Tree! I also get gift bags there. They have beautiful bags in all sizes for every occasion and the tissue paper to make them nice. Watch batteries, balloons 🎈, and artificial flowers 💐 … just to name a few more things 🥳 Really great store!

  11. The mesh bags were my to go when my kids were little, I loved washing all their socks in them. Helps reduce the socks being eaten up by the sock monster. 😂

  12. They have fantastic bag/chip clips as well!! The jumbo clips make excellent pool towel holders to clip to the pool chair and keep your towel from blowing around.

  13. Shea…those jumbo clips are amazing to use to hold beach towels to lounge chairs! Try it!! Works every time! I also love them as chip clips!

  14. I get all of my gift bags at the dollar tree! I just stock up when I’m running low. Super convenient! Also, you can find some good beauty/makeup products as well.

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