15 *BEST-SELLING* Products Every Woman Needs!

15 *BEST-SELLING* Products Every Woman Needs! For links to everything shown in the video, click SHOW MORE!

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Agolde Jeans (24, runs large): https://bit.ly/3LB0fO2
Agolde Best-Sellers: https://bit.ly/34MCstY

Elemis Resurfacing Pads: https://bit.ly/3JyPNop

Always Pan: https://bit.ly/357fvla

Cardigan (S): https://bit.ly/3Bz4BRi

Necklace Set: https://bit.ly/3rWpTVP

It Cosmetics CC Foundation: https://bit.ly/3qG2KpT

Charlotte Tilbury Foundation: https://bit.ly/3Jz3vaK

Tom Ford Foundation: https://bit.ly/3LEYfnP

Bacarrat Rouge Perfume: https://bit.ly/3sN6s0B

Eyeshadow Brush: https://bit.ly/367CEnN

Eyelash Comb: https://bit.ly/3sKC1Zc OR https://bit.ly/3oT33MQ

Burberry Bag: https://bit.ly/34NbGSf

Zella Belt Bag: https://bit.ly/3uSWI7V

Joggers (XS): https://bit.ly/3695UKS

Nike Sneakers (true to size): https://bit.ly/3zS3c6W

Cream Blush: https://bit.ly/3uVJIP0
Cream Blush 3-Pack: https://bit.ly/3ADg6q8

Barefoot Dreams Blankets (40% off sale): https://bit.ly/3oVNmEx
Barefoot Dreams Leopard Print: https://bit.ly/2WmIo8l
Barefoot Dreams Solid Print: https://bit.ly/3oT9PCd

Moonlight PJ’s (XS): https://bit.ly/3LCrIih
ALL Moonlight PJ’s: https://bit.ly/34MDPsC

Polo Shirt (S): https://bit.ly/34GErA7

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*FTC Disclaimer: This video was in collaboration with Nordstrom, but all products were purchased with my own money & all opinions are my own. I use affiliate links.  As a customer, you do not pay any more or less because of an affiliated link. A small percentage of the sale will go to the person who generated the link. Thank you for your support of my channel!

28 Comments on “15 *BEST-SELLING* Products Every Woman Needs!”

  1. You are so bubbly and positive, even though you probably are not like that 24/7 it’s still really nice to see. You are inspiring to those who don’t see the point on being positive/energetic and yeah it’s something that is very you – it’s no wonder your channel is so successful. 👌 Keep up the top notch work Shea

    1. Truth, even if one isn’t naturally energetic and bubbly, the positivity that Shea gives off is the vibe of someone we want to be around and listen to. It’s a great skill to be pleasant, engaging, and sociable and many of us could learn how if we care and practice. A good attitude and excellent self control does pay off. Shea is goals 😊

  2. Yeah hard to beat Barefoot Dreams, I have 10 sweaters and cardigans, numerous blankets, the lounger, poncho, all of it. I am literally never cold in one even if it’s 2 degrees. I wear the thicker cardigan all winter as my winter coat (or quick trips in the lounger) and even the cozy chic lite is good to about 30 degrees. The stuff is gold. Oh I have a couple of the shawls also which I love to use on the sofa because I just put my feet in the pocket of one side and use the rest as the blanket and it’s perfect. Highly recommend. I’ve never had one I didn’t love. That said DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER or dryer sheets or it gets a lil rough textured. If you want it to stay soft, hang dry (I do the blankets over the shower rod) or at the least use no softener or dryer sheets. Other than that, this stuff is perfect in every way. Love it love it love it.

  3. I had two sweaters in college similar to the one you’re wearing one was pale pink and one was a cream color. The buttons are identical and the buttons made that sweater. I love it Shea! The buttons oh the buttons LOL

  4. Isn’t Nordstrom a beautiful place to shop. I miss living near one. Barefoot Dreams is everything and then some! That eyelash comb… I need to order that! 🙂 Love your videos!

  5. Thanks for this video, Shea! My favorite videos from you are these types of best seller videos! You are the most hardworking YouTuber out there! ❤️💕❤️

  6. The Tom Ford shade and illuminate is the bomb. It’s the first foundation I’ve ever found that matches perfectly and I love the finish and everything about it!

  7. ❤️❤️❤️ Great items, Shea! 😁👌🏻 I just cannot bring myself to spend over $100 on a polyester blanket. It’s insane to me! 😫 I love my alpaca warm and cozy blankets by unknown brands that are awesome for cold New York winter. 💕🌺😉

  8. Shea, I’m not sure if you’ve seen the reviews and articles (NYTimes Wirecutter, CNN) of the Always Pan, but it supposedly does not hold up with regular use after a few months. It might be helpful to put up that sort of disclaimer when the reviews are also viral – but in the negative direction

  9. I’m so happy to see you finally wearing your new pave diamond love bracelet! I feel like you’ve been hiding it but you earned it and should enjoy it! ❤️❤️❤️

  10. There’s no way a foundation is worth $150. At the end of the day, most great medium range foundations will “glide on” and give you great coverage depending on the coverage number you need. But I do appreciate all of your new products! 😀

  11. I might be one of the few who hates the Always Pan. It’s no more non stick than any other pan. The assist handle is not heat resistant at all, so you can’t handle it without a pot holder. It’s also heavy. The handle itself is heatproof of course, but as you get closer to the pan, it’s too hot to handle. Mine was a gift. I’m glad I didn’t pay money for it. It’s also strange where there’s no online reviews? Waste of money, IMO

  12. The Always Pan is considered to have a toxic coating. Although it looks cool in regards to all its functions. I went with 360 Cookware as it’s made from surgical grade stainless steel.

  13. Shea, thank you for suggesting the eyelash comb- it’s ingenious! Something I’ve been looking for! What a find ~ 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    I do so love the PJ’s too; so comfy. Have you tried Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Aqua Celestial? I enjoy that better than the Baccarat Rouge.

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