15 Best Christmas Gifts UNDER $50! *must-see*

15 Best Christmas Gifts UNDER $50! *must-see* For links to everything shown in this video, click SHOW MORE!

In this video, I share some of the BEST Christmas gifts under $50! I’m starting my holiday gift guides a bit early this year because things are already selling out! I hope you enjoy 🙂

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(in order of appearance)

1. Sweater (mine is XS): https://bit.ly/3Capi4K

2. Plaid Shirt/Jacke (mine is XS): https://bit.ly/3nnL2px

3. Jewelry Cleaner: https://bit.ly/321ydJa
Cleaning Towelettes: https://bit.ly/3npGSgG
Polishing Pom: https://bit.ly/3FGwwQb

4. Silicone Utensils: https://bit.ly/3oAzezK

5. Light-Up Soccer Ball: https://bit.ly/3coMtxu

6. Gripper Slippers: https://bit.ly/3kHqOVW

7. Ugg Socks: https://bit.ly/3CkNUaY

8. Weighted Sleeping Mask: https://bit.ly/3CDS12C

9. Initial Pendent Necklace: https://bit.ly/3djuRE9

10. Kate Spade Stud Earrings: https://bit.ly/3CqBU7K

11. Men’s Adidas T-Shirt: https://bit.ly/3HwMJsM

12. Sphere Ice Tray: https://bit.ly/3kHtCCs

13. Makeup Brush Set & Case: https://bit.ly/30wNKQH

14. Lip Slip: https://bit.ly/3cpDlc9

15. Soap Detox Bar: https://bit.ly/3DqUCgX
Other scents: https://bit.ly/3HyJm4H

16. Silk Hair Ties: https://bit.ly/37XTiEH

17. Marble Water Bottle: https://bit.ly/3CkJlxi

⭐️ MORE GIFT IDEAS…(all price points) ⭐️
Moonlight Pajamas (best PJ’s EVER!): https://bit.ly/3cn1Kiv
Leopard PJ’s: https://bit.ly/3nsj784
Barefoot Dreams Cardigan: https://bit.ly/3qLFirH
Barefoot Dreams Blanket: https://bit.ly/3DvasHe
Reversible Tote: https://bit.ly/3Hwo73n
Vintage Men’s Sneakers: https://bit.ly/3x9WKrf
Men’s Pullover: https://bit.ly/3wW97qt
Skim’s Robe: https://bit.ly/3CvokQy
Beauty Gift Sets: https://bit.ly/3kM15eS
Always Pan Set: https://bit.ly/3kME5N4

⭐️GIFTS FOR MEN: https://bit.ly/30ve6lV

⭐️GIFTS FOR WOMEN: https://bit.ly/30HSao1

⭐️GIFTS FOR KIDS: https://bit.ly/3DufGmy

⭐️STOCKING STUFFERS: https://bit.ly/3ckE3au


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*FTC Disclaimer: This video was in collaboration with Nordstrom, but all products were purchased with my own money & all opinions are my own. I use affiliate links.  As a customer, you do not pay any more or less because of an affiliated link. A small percentage of the sale will go to the person who generated the link. Thank you for your support of my channel!

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  1. I really like your make up today, I feel like you changed the foundation or bronzer or blush (or something 🙂 to a cooler toned one and it really suits you. Maybe it’s winter and the tan is gone but I feel it really fits the Christmas mood.

  2. Omg the Sara happ lip slip!!! It’s been such a long time since I heard you mention this. Super hydrating and makes your lips look silky smooth ❤️ I bought it like 3 years ago after you recommended it and I still use it !💗

  3. If anyone still needs some help or inspiration, my sister once said that’s presents (or your christmas list) should be things that you wouldn’t buy for yourself, doesn’t mean expensive but something to treat yourself.

  4. Been watching your videos for around three years and love you Shea !! ❤️
    There’s so much I learn from you im many aspects in life. Just wanted to say you’re doing great and I’m a big fan!!

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