14 UNUSUAL Beauty Products You Won’t Believe Exist

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💜 Products Used:
– My Scheming Cleansing Mousse – https://bit.ly/3cChqlu
– Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask – https://bit.ly/3om8HWV
– Kao Hand Soap Flower – https://bit.ly/3v8Eley
– Beauty World Cat Eye Mask – https://bit.ly/3J3l043
– Beauty World Cat paws pressure points Massage – https://bit.ly/3aZDh5N
– Beauty World Wonderful Face Exercise – https://bit.ly/3OmADEJ
– COGIT Small Face Fox Lift Tape – https://bit.ly/3yUY8iF
– MAKEheal Ampoule Glow foundation – https://bit.ly/3IUe7BW
– Fujiko Aburatori Mobile ( water powder ) – https://bit.ly/3v1Rgij
– Fujiko Shake Shadow in 11 Relax Purple – https://bit.ly/3Os1bEu
– MISSHA Palette Paint Liner – https://bit.ly/3PJIv4q
– NEOGEN Dermalogy Extra Volumecurl Metal Mascara – https://bit.ly/3yR05MM
– WHOMEE Matte Lip Powder Berry Tart – https://bit.ly/3aU1Sc6
– Orbis Eyebrow Coat – https://bit.ly/3cxcJJk

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41 Comments on “14 UNUSUAL Beauty Products You Won’t Believe Exist”

  1. Deni,

    Your editing skills are so amazing.
    You’re so amazing at makeup
    You’re so pretty
    You’re funny

    You are perfect!
    It’s true!
    Love your videos❤
    Helicopter, helicopter🎉😂

  2. My mental health is not good rn, going to the doctor again today about it, actually.
    But you always make me cheer up and feel good about myself, I do my skincare while I watch you and my makeup.
    You’re so funny and you help me by your amazing mood.

    also, elephant seal helicopter
    only ppl who watched it will get it😊
    But thanks! Love your videos so much ❤

  3. Honestly my life is so much better since I found you omg. Your so fun. Making makeup fun so fun. Also your edits are soooooooo amazing 😍

  4. Deni, that mascara is BOMB! I’ve been using a ‘brush’ like that for years (I’m 50).

    Your videos always make me laugh, kisses from Connecticut, USA! ❤️

  5. Deni is the best Youtuber, EVER She always makes me laugh, she has the best editing skills, and a million more reasons! Love you Deni HeLiCoPtER 🚁HeLiCoPTeR 🚁
    Deni’s nails in this video are so pretty and cute!

  6. Deni makes our day right? Who agrees?
    Love ur vids deni! You look so beautiful 💓
    Her editing skills are getting more more better day by day too.

  7. I am in shock with your humor and editing skills. Your content is like makeup but in comedy style and it’s sooo unique and smart!! Μπράβοοο 💜💜💜💜💜

  8. Love your videos Denny ❤️ with a perfect sense of humor 😁👌BTW its been a long since you haven’t posted any of cooking videos, we miss them 😊

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