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48 Comments on “12 *BRUTALLY HONEST* Ways To Look MORE ATTRACTIVE!”

    1. @LatB yes,you are correct..I would suggest take ortho only if really necessary. Wrong ortho forces cause periodontitis,loss of bone around the teeth, mobility in the long run.

    2. @A KT yes white spot lesions are common complications of braces. Around those small fixed clips ,need good cleaning when you wear them. If they are just stained(not internal) you could have chosen cleaning..we always do simple ultrasonic cleaning unless it is white spot lesion.

  1. I love how you are unafraid to state your ideas. They might be controversial to some, but I think your honesty about what works for you is refreshing. Keep forging ahead!

  2. Hi!! I’m a new commenter but Ive been watching your for some times now, and just saying that, I love your tips and your videos so much! I’m following some and I feel like I’m loving myself more. Love from India ❤️❤️

  3. I’ll be honest I haven’t watched your videos in a long time, but man, what a difference your much more alive and real, I kinda got turned away from your videos bc I’m a mom and have no time to dress myself up and worry about my nails or jewelry, but now you just look a bit more real so good job! Lol this is a good video I liked it! 💕

    1. I totally understand. I’m a 48-year-old mom to a 4-year-old boy. I’m so tired and have minimal time to invest in my appearance. I have to try though, right? My biggest issues are time and money. I just wanted to let you know you’re not alone. Keep your head up, sister.

  4. Lasering my tattoos is the best decision I ever made for beauty. Tattoos look beautiful when you first get them but they require touch ups over time. Not only that, the placement and style of tattoos are always trends, but the tattoo is permanent. So you can see people’s tattoos and have a pretty accurate guess about their age just based on that! Don’t do it! Your taste in clothes changes over time, so will your taste in tattoos!

    1. @gingerandnemo I’m ten sessions in and there are places that are completely gone and the rest is extremely faded. I got a package that is the price of ten sessions but they will keep doing it until it’s gone. I’ll keep going until then! It hurts a lot but is extremely fast (like maybe a minute of actual pain), and once the session is over it doesn’t feel too bad. I’m going to a place that uses Picosure.

  5. I love your videos so much! Personally, I don’t think anything you said was too strong or offensive. Everything you said is true and because of your kind personality, you sounded like you really wanted to help us, not judge us. Thank you so much for the video!

  6. Vegamour was/is a game-changer for my hairline and I want to thank you for mentioning it in previous videos. Without you, I never would have thought there was a solution to help and went with your suggestion. Now it’s thick and full. Thanks again!

    1. @Kristen Wooten Super simple. Every night I rub a syringe to my hairline. That’s it. Started to see it filling out at week 3ish. Now it’s full and I continue to use it every night.

    2. I am interested in trying this. Curious if you are using daily, do you wash your hair daily? Or will it work to use daily if I only was my hair 2-3 times a week?

  7. What I like about these videos is that they are all changeable issues that we can control if we choose to. Saying something that can’t easily be changed is unattractive is mean, but that is not what you did at all. For example, I have a square jaw that I don’t love, but can’t change. You didn’t say a certain type of jaw is good, you said ‘jawlines are great and you should highlight it’. That’s what I appreciate.

    1. I think everyone is beautiful in their own way. Right now I’m not on my best weight but I always tell myself I’m beautiful. I bet people really like your jaw even tho is not your favorite part of your body. You’re beautiful have a blessed day 🤗🥰🌷

  8. Love your videos, Shea! You’re so humble and cute whenever you share your thoughts. I didn’t even think about the last one, opinions. Thank you for including this!!! ❤️

  9. I think having crooked or “unusual” teeth gives people character and there’s no reason to hide it (of course we should still take care of our teeth for health reasons)

  10. Some of your suggestions are about “looking younger” than just being attractive. I think getting older can be very attractive too. Aging gracefully can be beautiful rather than trying to fight the clock. Being young does not always equate to being attractive. And I actually think you shouldn’t get botox. Botox is actually very obvious. Even on younger individuals. It makes you look older but as if you can’t handle that. And it freezes parts of your face so you don’t smile in such a friendly or warm way. Since it freezes facial muscles it can actually make your face less expressive. Like when people want to remove lines on their face but they get rid of laugh lines around their eyes. And laugh lines show you’ve had a happy life.

    1. @ Nadia I totally hear what you’re saying. I agree that aging can be beautiful & would love to see more older women recognized for their beauty rather than overlooked. That said, your botox comments seem to be based on extreme cases, eg, the Kardashian/Instagram type of results. I’m in my 50’s & I’ve had Botox 3x. If I could afford to get it more, I would; it only last a few months. As a working, fit, healthy, happy professional, I always believed I looked as good as I felt. Then one day a couple years ago it’s like i woke up & suddenly had wrinkles – NOT the quaint kind! I also didn’t feel as old as I suddenly looked! That was huge. I tried Botox & wow. LOVED it. Totally could still move my face. Nothing was “frozen.” It just softened those frown lines, forehead lines, & a little bit above my eye. For me, I think as long as my inside & outside feels younger than the wrinkles, I’d love to do the Botox again!

    2. Haha – I’ve been a professional makeup artist for over 20 years and I can absolutely tell when someone has had Botox. It doesn’t necessarily look bad, but the lack of facial expression is weird imo. I always point out people on film and tv to my husband and my mom who have had Botox – they roll their eyes at me, but also marvel at how sharp I am LOL

  11. When talking about Botox, there are a few things you must consider. EVERYTHING as in every single thing in the world is toxic at a SPECIFIC dose. This includes fruits, vegetables, water, and everything “natural” or “unnatural”.

    Botox is FDA approved at the specific dose given and is very safe. In fact, it’s used to treat medical conditions like migraines, TMJ, and hyperhydrosis at similar doses given cosmetically. It is readily broken down by your body and excreted which is why they recommend getting it so often. That’s always a good sign when talking about toxicity.

    If you take anything from this post, remember that the dose, not the chemical, makes the poison. 👩🏼‍🔬

  12. Haven’t tried Botox. I was at a dental lecture (Dentists in Scotland can give injections for Botox etc and the presenters were Scotish). They were saying how important it was to inject the Botox in the correct place near eyes because in the wrong location if it travels down into the eye it could blind you! Just a reason to make sure the person doing the procedure knows what they are doing.

  13. Great tips Shea. The last one hit the spot for me. We don’t seem to hold back anything anymore. Should consider applying more filters as well before blurting out every single thought we have. Been on Vegamour since January. Thank you!

  14. My favorite tip was “Be less opinionated.” Yes! There are several people I know that are uncomfortable to be around because they are so opinionated, and so strong in every single opinion they have!

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