12 *BEST-SELLING* Clothes from Abercrombie!

12 *BEST-SELLING* Clothes from Abercrombie! For links to everything mentioned and shown in this video, click SHOW MORE! This video is NOT sponsored!!

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In today’s video I share the BEST-SELLING items from Abercrombie & Fitch!! Everything is such high quality, but also very stylish, chic and classic!! If you end up getting anything, I can't wait for you to just feel it!! Abercrombie has definitely gone through a major re-branding and it's amazing!!! (Again, NOT sponsored.) I hope you enjoy! 🙂


(in order of appearance)

🌟NEW ARRIVALS: https://bit.ly/2Nue0V4

1. High Rise Acid Wash Jeans (25): https://bit.ly/3uRUGkY
Wide-Leg: https://bit.ly/3al93Xh

2. High Rise Mom Shorts (25): https://bit.ly/3mVobQ7

3. White Button-Up Shirt (XS): https://bit.ly/3xd5Bbc

4. Ruffle Sleeve Top (XS): https://bit.ly/32pSd5j

5. Matching Cami (XS): https://bit.ly/3uXEb7b
Matchin Skirt (M): https://bit.ly/32nSF44

6. Chambray Denim Shirt (XS): https://bit.ly/3trJXh2

7. Crew Sweatshirts (S): https://bit.ly/3mSY64r
https://bit.ly/32qAjzn OR https://bit.ly/3mZxUoD

8. Fleece Pullover (S): https://bit.ly/3alHT2G

9. Ribbed Bralette (XS): https://bit.ly/3giYRCo
Matching Shorts (XS): https://bit.ly/32nfg0t
Matching Leggings (S): https://bit.ly/3x5gD1W

10. Bodysuits (XS): https://bit.ly/3gjlpTQ
ALL Bodysuits: https://bit.ly/3svtRSa

11. Floral Dress (XS): https://bit.ly/3tshszM
Midi Dress: https://bit.ly/3aAS0kn

12. Beige Babydoll Dress (XS): https://bit.ly/2RzADti

Cross Charm: https://mirandafrye.com/collections/charms-and-chains/products/harmony-charm?variant=32447781503036
Necklace: https://mirandafrye.com/products/eleanor-chain?variant=32206674100284
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Flutter Sleeve Top: https://bit.ly/2QBrz6A
Puff Sleeve Top: https://bit.ly/3mT0KqT
Flattering Waist Tiered Dress: https://bit.ly/3goq4nv
Short Sleeve Button-Up: https://bit.ly/2P0ZLsa
Romper: https://bit.ly/3x3jc4J
Ribbed Midi Dress: https://bit.ly/3x5iHHe
Band T-Shirt (Beatles, Stones, etc.): https://bit.ly/3e8MPZQ
Leopard Sweatshirt: https://bit.ly/3mZxUoD
Cloud Shorts: https://bit.ly/3dqHihV



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24 Comments on “12 *BEST-SELLING* Clothes from Abercrombie!”

  1. This a great idea Shea! Concentrating on a single retailer in a video is very good. From Nordstrom to Walmart, you could do the best of each retailer. It would be great if you would also showcase some garments that fit larger sizes. A lot of people are in the upper end of the size spectrum and many items are really small fits.

  2. I love this idea! I’ve been meaning to try their jeans again. I remember them being very stiff vs. American Eagle, but I love the styles so I need to try again!

  3. I’m so glad you did this! I rediscovered A&F after buying a perfume online last year & I was blown away by the clothes. I have completely redone my wardrobe. Best Bodysuits ever!!!! Also wearing my Paris sweater during the video 😆

  4. I REALLY want that body suit with the extended shoulder – the beige one. Like you said it’s not on their site right now- can you find one for us from somewhere else possibly? Thank you so much for your help!!

  5. I wish there was a crop pants with light weight material and high side leg slits (not past the knees) for those that don’t want to wear shorts or long length pants/jeans in summer

    1. Eileen Fisher has those in the most lightweight silk. I know I know, THE PRICE, but you can get them on ebay or other thrift websites if you’re patient (and a bit lucky, of course).

  6. Shea I have been wanting to try more pieces from Abercrombie & Fitch ❤ Ok yes getting the mom shorts, high rise jeans, and I have 1 body suit from there and I love it. I love your style advice, everyone Shea is my favorite youtuber 🙌🌸🥰

  7. I had actually completely forgotten about A&F until my friend picked up a pair of twill overalls last summer and they were fantastic. I’m considering getting one of their trench coats for this upcoming fall.

  8. You read my mind. I’ve been wanting a pair of shorts that don’t cost over $100 and was going to ask you for an alternative. This is it ❤️👌🏼 thanks

  9. Love your style Shea, even though the stores you mention aren’t here in Australia 🇦🇺 you still give me style ideas that I can shop in the stores here. Thank You for that and by the way I’m @60+ and don’t dress my age. 💜💜🌺🌸

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