11 Beauty Secrets Asian Women Know (That You Don’t)!

Here are my 11 Beauty Secrets Asian Women Know (That You Don’t!). Thanks to Aveeno for sponsoring! I’m sharing some of Mama Chiu’s BEST beauty secrets to glowing, flawless skin. If you want to know what skincare tips we’ve been using for years. Watch this video! For more videos like this one, be sure to SUBSCRIBE, THUMBS UP & HIT THAT NOTIFICATION BELL!


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FTC: I created this video in partnership with Aveeno. I only talk about products that I truly love and want to share! All opinions are my own and 100% honest! Thank you for your support 🙂

38 Comments on “11 Beauty Secrets Asian Women Know (That You Don’t)!”

    1. Jennifer Chiu that serum is definitely I am using for 4 days now, and I so love it! It makes my face so fresh before I go to sleep! Though a lil bit expensive, yet it’s worth to invest with 😊

  1. Though I don’t have any Avenno products but I do use rice water on daily basis and it does helps my skin look more fresh and clean. Drinking green tea and some lemon in warm water in the morning has also helped my skin. Eating a lot of fruits and drinking a ton of water also helps with glowing skin. And like always all your tips were amazing and really helpful.

    1. @Krithi Ravi before you cook rice, you wash ur rice 2 times, the second water is the rice water I use. Not a day I don’t get compliment on my skin. It’s the best and cheapest thing.

    2. @Thu Vu just wash it like water. If you use cleanser then use the rice water after like last step of cleansing (splash it on your face) . I personally prefer not to use cleanser or any chemical on my skin unless I spend whole day outside or do heavy makeup.

  2. Jennifer, can you please make a video on how to reduce/mitigate redness? My nose and the outer area of my nose are constantly red, and I can’t figure out a way to stop it.

  3. I recently ran into one of my friends’ mom and I asked her what she was using on her face. She said she used rice water and she was kind enough to make me some. I only used it for three days and I already notice a huge difference with my skin tone. I notice my skin is brighter and my acne scars are fading. I also noticed my pimples are clearing up! Do you know if the skincare products by Aveeno you used in this video are affordable? If so, where did you buy it? I want to get my hands on these ASAP.

    1. Barza Saqib You can keep it for at least a month. To make it last longer and keep the nasty smell away, I use a couple drops of tea tree oil in it and I keep it refrigerated every time after use.

  4. Thanks for showing us those new Aveeno products!! The glow drops and primer caught my eye. Yes I’ve been using rice water for maybe a year now and it definitely does wonders to the skin. I’d love to see some hair videos like how you keep in your tresses so shiny and healthy. 😍

  5. These drugstore skincare products sound awesome! My skin, scalp, and lips are so dehydrated with cold and snow lately! I’m wondering if they are safe to use for pregnant women.

  6. Awesome! Fun fact: I’m actually a kid who is interested in skincare, which is kinda rare nowadays. Just wanna know if these tips are good for kids?

  7. 1. Drink water
    2. Have bone broth
    3. Drink green tea
    4. Cleanse face with aveeno cleanser
    5. Wash with rice water
    6. Put shine drops for extra glow
    8. Apply serum
    9. Wash face with warm wet cloth
    10. Use eye cream
    11. Put lip mask
    12. Overnight masks

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