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    1. I wear these types of dresses, and I get made fun of. I just prefer to be modest, and elegant. I just prefer it over jeans and a shirt. No need in putting other girls down…

    2. Uncomfortable? Yet I see girls (and men too) wearing jeans tight as leggings, and that is considered comfortable? Menswear can be comfortable if you tailor it to your desire, or just skip that horrible slim fit entirely and go for classic fit.

    3. Malcolm Swoboda oh stfu about this feminist bullshit and let us dream about how fun it was to walk around in elegant clothing. I’m sure many women enjoyed dressing up back in the day, like many women still do today.

    1. @may nab actually, gloves were commonly worn for street wear until the late 40s/early 50s, which is a bit hard for us modern people to know about since we don’t really do it anymore. Street wear would be wearing a hat and gloves. If you went down the street to visit your neighbor, you didn’t dress for street wear, but if you went out to go shopping or go to the park you’d dress for street wear. Wearing a hat and gloves died out with the young generation of the 1960s and became more of a fashion choice

    1. They compared dressed up formal where to today’s casual wear, not most accurate comparison. Also people were expected to dress up more in general back then, not necessarily a good thing.

  1. 1915-1945 all embody a classic vintage look probably my favourite
    1955-1975 all have so much character in their different centuries
    1985-2005 *TRAGIC PLEASE AVOID*
    2015 meh. Its nice but nothing special

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