10 Winter 2022 Fashion Trends to Avoid | What To Wear

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10 Winter 2022 Fashion Trends to Avoid | What To Wear
Winter fashion trends are my absolute favourite trends to study, wear and buy but they're usually the most expensive too which is why I want to help you steer clear of some of the trends that I don't think are worth spending your hard earned money on.
Now as always with these videos I don't expect that you will agree with me on everything I mention today but I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. I'd also love to hear what you think of my idea to create video podcasts on my channel and most importantly of all – who would you like me to interview? I am a journalist by trade and would really love to get back into interviewing and I'd love even more getting the chance to find out what makes some of my favourite YouTubes and fashionistas tick. So please please please let me know who you'd like me to interview.

Anyway, I hope you are managing to survive these early stages of the silly season and not feeling too stressed. There have sure been a few days lately where I've felt on the border of becoming a Christmas stress monster LOL.

Thanks SO much for watching and I can't wait to see you in the next one.

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41 Comments on “10 Winter 2022 Fashion Trends to Avoid | What To Wear”

  1. I love your outfit in this video!
    I agree with that the robe coats; when I saw them in fashion shows I thought it looked funny and maybe a good splurge gift for a luxury bathrobe for home.

  2. Yes, interview Paulina!! Biker clothes is a silly trend. can’t imagine why anyone would want to wear thick leather clothes to dinner or the grocery store that are designed to protect you if you’re thrown from a moving vehicle and rolling down a highway. Very sad about the heroin look. Women can’t live on lentils and iceberg lettuce and Diet Coke.

  3. On the most part do agree with you about several of the Winter fashion trends as ‘robe coats’ for example are just not feasible due lack of a sufficient closure when temperatures are blustery whereas ‘leg warmers’ can be beneficial for added warmth, color or pattern when worn as a 2nd layer. JMHO of course. (I live in Canda.)

  4. Maybe I can finally unload my motorcycle suit (bikes are gone). And yes, boho is summer for me. Hate the overwhelming knitwear shown on the winter boho. The knitting world is keen on the oversized look…sells more yarn.

  5. 💟 Could not have said it better myself…Bohemian style outfits are way too fussy & as you said, I agree Leonie… too much thought & time to put together!!! Oversized is a NO for me because I look ridiculous as a thinner framed woman. Not a fan of jumpsuits….very, very impractical !!! Let warmers are a great lounging option for the colder months! Enjoyed & thank you kindly!

  6. Thanks for vocalizing the lack of health with the heroine sheik look and not supporting that. The US has such an issue particularly with youth and drugs. 2 years of lock down with Covid did not help that scenario.

  7. Yes I did enjoyed it, especially how realistic you were about fashion that doesn’t worth it place. Also women’s body types that do not align to all of us, as well as, what beauty looks like.

  8. From huge robes to skin-tight catsuits??? Fashion is sooo confused! I am petite, and all of those baggy pieces worn together absolutely just swallow me up. I agree with ALL of your insights, Leoni!

  9. I agree with most of these! I wasn’t really a fan of leg warmers coming back at first, but now that it’s cold I’m finding that I would really like them for keeping my ankles warm when going to yoga classes. I think they’re cute when worn practically!

  10. Hmmm, I consider the robe coats will still be a statement but not just for anytime wear if you don’t want the attention. I have the thigh highs boots and they will basically be worn under my dresses and skirts for additional insulation. I love the idea of you doing a podcast, some of my suggestions are Karenbritchic, Monroe Steele, BlueprintDIY (Angela), B. Jones Style (Beth), Katia Nikolajew and Frugal Fashion Fun with Tee & Kay (use to be Fab4less). The motorcycle wear is about taste, it does look better mixed with clothing not in the same category but if you want to look like you a spy on assignment, hey you be you. I have a pair of motorcycle boots (they are heavy) because I use to ride with boyfriend until he had a major accident and that on hiatus for him to feel comfortable again riding and I will need full safety gear (because it saved his life). So I have worn them just as regular footwear but mine are more on the look of high top leather workboots with dual zippers and Harlley Davidson emblem on it (not letting that money go to waste). The Boho I kind of thinking of as not leaving the house or you going to have some fun on working with layers. I am the later, I already done a sweater vest over one with a blazer and use the hack on hitching up the skirt to reveal a pair of trousers underneath. I love the oversize look because I am 5’4 and stocky built with broad shoulders and large chest and it works so well for me. We had deep conversation on the Dapamine dressing because I am one of those people that get into a deeper depression during the Fall/Winter months. I got the colors but I have to work on how I am going to wear them. You provided some good pointers on using accents and that also can just be your outerwear. I got on all grey today but trying to convince myself to wear a secondhand red coat purchase early last spring out on errand run (hmmmm). I so agree about the catsuit, it look great sometime but the looks are always impractical because you can’t layer on top because you going to spend time getting undress to go to restroom (leave that term to dressing up kitty). The goth styling done in the Netflix series Wednesday was done right and was very wearable, so it provide good inspiration if you wearing all black. Legwarmers make me think of the movie Flashdance and also I went to a performing art school so it was a uniform for those in the dance art (no I was not). I do have a couple of old ones in my sock drawer that I occassionaly use if I am shoveling snow for added insulation for legs or arms. Thanks for sharing and blessing to you and all in the days to come.

    1. Thats crap. Over the knee boots have been around for quite. while now, and the looser kind that can go over something other then skinny jeans are the most sense. They are warm too. And honestly, do people have bladder control issues? I mean some people do. But normal people can wear jump suits or cat suits.

    2. And considering 60% of Americans are now morbidly obese, I think making thin glamorous is an EXCELLENT idea. Besides, think people do look really cool. Much better then looking good while you are thick, which is impossible for all but the most incredibly beautiful of people. You have to be super gorgeous to still look good when your are meaty.

  11. Your videos always brighten my day. I agree with all of these🤗 Congratulations on your upcoming podcast series. I’m about to launch one with two friends and it’s exciting. I am a huge fan of KarenBrit! Please interview Niki Tutorials and Sy DaSilva, that would be amazing.

  12. I really appreciate that many stylists are recently more often showing their creations on runways with even curvy models. Style and fashion are for everyone. It doesn’t matter the size.
    The trends you are talking in the video? Some of them seem to be the need of something new and unexpected at any cost. Technic biker clothes? We can recycle our classic biker boots. I agree with you. Would you like to hear about a new trend I heard talking about? Not wearing the bottom part (pants, skirt). What the heck is that! ‘c’mon. These are the kind of things that take me more and more away from fashion. Everything must be over the top. We lost fashion for the show.

  13. I love looking at trends as they give me a good laugh! I’m generally not a fan of trends, namely all of these, except leg warmers. When worn correctly they can actually look good & be practical. Like the tops of a neutral pair peeking out of a tall boot worn with a sweater dress. That can be cute. Overall I do not want to look like a heroin addict, cat woman, or the Michelin man. Trends are for the flighty & not elegant nor classy.

  14. Brilliant idea! You have such a warm way about you, I’m sure you’ll be good at doing the podcasts. Please interview Alyssa Beltempo, an Italian Minimalist living in Canada, with a strong sense of style above consumption. She has a fresh, unique approach.

  15. Thank you!! This was awesome 🤗
    I would love to hear an interview with Charlotte from “Model Mouth”, as well as Hannah from Cocoa Beautea. They are hands down my favorite fashion YouTubers.

  16. A chat 💬 podcast ( over coffee ☕️) with Erin Busbee of BusbeeStyle would be nice 😊. She was featured on “ Who, What, Wear” fashion magazine/ website. She’s also an entrepreneur with her own team and everything. In addition ➕ to fashion, she also focuses on lifestyle, wellness, beauty and travel. Plus I think, she was a former journalist. Hugs 🤗, Amy

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