10 Wearable Summer 2023 Fashion Trends

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10 Wearable Summer 2023 Fashion Trends
Fashion trend-focused videos are my absolute favourite to film and because I want to give you a jump start on the new season I wanted to share 10 of the most wearable trends. I especially love focusing on wearable fashion trends because I'm a realist when it comes to fashion and feel at times fashion can be a tad too exclusive for my liking. Anyway, please let me know what you think of these trends in the comments below. Will you be wearing any of them?
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35 Comments on “10 Wearable Summer 2023 Fashion Trends”

  1. Having flashbacks of wearing maxi denim skirts in the early 90s. Never wear them if it’s going to rain, that heavy damp fabric hitting your legs isn’t fun

  2. I already own majority of the items mentioned. I have zero interest in the denim maxi but I do have other maxi skirts and dresses. I’m excited to break out spring/summer blazer sets.

    Style wise, I usually turn the dial up fall/winter but I’m excited to do the same for spring/summer. I’m packaging away my winter clothes to do and will start putting together my look book for the upcoming warm weather.

    1. Also im glad the fisherman sandals are in trend again, I LOVE how comfy they are, i call them Jerusalem 5000s bc they look like something Jesus wouldve worn lol.

  3. Black looks awful with my pale coloring, but I can’t resist great dresses even if they are in black. I have black linen and silk dresses that I love for summer, black always looks sophisticated, which is important to me, at almost 63 years old (last summer’s frou-frou flounced, tiered, floral prairie dresses were a No for my age). I have a toolkit (bag of tricks?) for wearing black near my face:  

    1. extra colored makeup (blush and lipstick) and under-eye concealer; 
    2. a white, collared shirt or turtleneck underneath, weather permitting (I would love to find dickeys like these, full shirts can be too bulky and show wrinkles and lumps under thinner dresses, but can only find polyester ones, which I can’t wear; I’m also looking for a white cotton shirt bodysuit, but they always sell out before I can snag one);
    3. a black-on-light or black-on-white patterned silk neck scarf for warm weather; 
    4. a white blazer over the black; or 
    5. if nothing else works, some bright earrings and/or necklace, with pearls in them, perhaps.
    Then I just steel myself against the “do you feel all right, dear”? questions coming my way!

  4. Cobalt isn’t my best color, it’s a little too strong for my Soft, Light coloring (but it’s not terrible as orange or yellow would be), I do love it anyway and have some in my wardrobe already. I just added a cobalt silk shirt with black edging (Theory), to go with my black skirt with a minimal cobalt pattern. I’m a matchy-matchy kind of gal. I’ll probably wear a white turtleneck underneath it, to prevent looking too pale. The skirt is a heavy knit, best for cold weather anyway. But, of course, I can wear the shirt with any black bottoms. I also have a lightweight cobalt sleeveless summer dress, I just clipped the polyester lining right out of it to make it wearable (I left an inch or two inside the garment edges).

  5. Thanks again, Leonie, I love all your videos, and seeing the best, most wearable trends is great, there are some awful ones too, like embellishments of feathers and rhinestones, yuck! I love all of the trends you feature here, but will choose cargo pants on the narrow-cut, soft fabric end of the spectrum, my petite body would be overwhelmed in the really baggy, stiff, cotton ones (I love my silk cargo joggers from Lily Silk and I think they just added a new color, but haven’t had the chance to check). My metallic accessories will be in gold, I have two pairs of metallic silver shoes already (I guess I could get a silver bag, but I won’t pay a lot for it). I’m always looking for comfortable leather gold (and a white pair, too) of sandals with block heels less than 2.5 inches tall. The ones I ordered from Nordstrom last year, after searching for “genuine leather” ones, turned out to be plastic, they were hideously uncomfortable.

  6. I just bought myself 2 different suit vests from the thrift store and love them! Great to wear with anything! Thank you for sharing Leonie, love your videos! Have a wonderful day from Canada! 🤗🇨🇦

    1. That is awesome Elisabeth. I’m in the US at the moment and heading out thrifting today so I’ll be looking for a suit vest too – wish me luck! x

  7. This was fun 🤩 Yes I have seen all the stores having Vests galore !!!! I like black & wear it all year round too. Great content lol ❤

    1. Thanks for showing Love and support,congratulations 🎁🎉❤,you’ve won a prize!! Send me a text with the above name on telegram to acknowledge your prize!!!

  8. Thanks Leonie for the great update! And it comes perfect; I wanted to know which pieces I´ll bring to my trip to Australia and/or what to look for when I´m there (and can bring home to Sweden after the trip) because the summer has come to Sweden at that time (and Australia just has left summer and gone to autum). /Marie from Sweden

    1. Thanks for showing Love and support,congratulations 🎁🎉❤,you’ve won a prize!! Send me a text with the above name on telegram to acknowledge your prize!!!

  9. Great list, Leonie! I noticed that a number of items featured on your list were actually trends carried over from last summer season. Trends such as metallic accessories, cobalt blue, suit vests & black. I actually picked up a few items because I really liked them so I’m happy to see they’re still trending for next season.

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