10 Wearable Shoe Trends That Are HUGE | What To Wear In 2023

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10 Wearable Shoe Trends That Are HUGE | What To Wear In 2023
I've had a long-standing love affair with shoes and because winter footwear is my all time favourite I wanted to share some of the key trends for Winter 2022/23. Of course Winter footwear has to be super practical because there's nothing worse than cold, wet feet BUT that doesn't mean it has to be boring (as you'll see in today's episode). I'm also thrilled to share the news that as of today (19 December, 2022) SSENSE is having a bumper sale where so many items are on sale with some going as far as 70% off – bargain! I tend to wait until this time of year to buy my timeless pieces from SSENSE because I know they will last me for many years but I can often pick up some real bargains too. So if you have any gaps to fill in your wardrobe or you need to update some of your staples then run don't walk to the SSENSE sale. You have until 8 February 2023 to grab a bargain so definitely check it out here: https://slooks.top/6jJq/64
Anyway, thank you SO much for watching today's fashion and style edit and I hope you found something new to love.
See you soon.

Shearling Birkenstocks: https://slooks.top/6jJp/64
White Dr. Martens: https://slooks.top/6jJr/64
My Dr. Martens: https://slooks.top/6jJn/64
Agolde Criss Cross Waist jeans: https://slooks.top/6jJt/64
Anine Bing Sweater: https://slooks.top/6jJu/64

1. Black furry slides: https://slooks.top/6jJi/64
2. Green Marni loafers: https://slooks.top/6jJj/64
3. Pink calf loafers: https://slooks.top/6jJk/64
4. Brown shearling slippers: https://slooks.top/6jJl/64
5. Grey suede boots: https://slooks.top/6jJm/64

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Wearable fashion trends 2023


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50 Comments on “10 Wearable Shoe Trends That Are HUGE | What To Wear In 2023”

    1. Wow that’s incredible – I’ve never experienced cold like that 🥶 We were swimming at the beach yesterday here in Auckland – crazy right?

  1. I’ve been tempted by a few of these, but haven’t pulled the trigger. The clog sole in sandals style are definitely good for summer. The white boots will probably work well for you.

  2. The best trend in fashion for the last several years have been comfortable shoes! I like all comfort styles and wear many of these. I live in an area of wet winters, so furry or sock booties don’t work for me. Wellies are always a part of my winter wardrobe. Thanks for the video.

  3. I love clogs, I’m glad they’re back. I stil have three pairs from last time around. My favorite are a sort of dulled-down red pair with brown details, I wear them with either color, red or brown. Clogs (leather) are so comfortable, and easy on, easy off. I like to wear them at home or when going to friend’s or relative’s, where we take our shoes off and curl up on the sofas. I never get rid of good leather shoes, I just park them when they go off-trend. When chunky boots came back in recently, I had several great pairs already, they’re indistinguishable from current styles. At 62, I’ve seen several repeating fashion cycles in clothes and footwear. Hanging onto footwear saves a lot of money, leather is expensive, plus they’re already broken-in!

    1. Yes I think more of us are subscribing to the idea of holding in to our quality pieces – they will always come back in style and as you said there’s a lot to be said for shoes that are already broken in 🙏🏼

  4. I usually love most footwear trends, that’s how I keep the outfits from my classic, forever wardrobe looking more current, with trendier footwear and accessories, but of good quality. The only ones here that I don’t love are the fuzzies, and I’m selling all my cowboy boots while they’re hot. I decided that they’re just not me anymore, I overdosed on Boho/Western for two decades and don’t want to go back to those styles now, at my age (62). Thanks for the great footwear trend update, Leonie, you put in the time to assess trends for us that we don’t always have. I would love one on other accessories, too!

    1. It’s interesting how we can move out of a look we once loved and don’t ever want to go back – this has def happened to me a lot lately. I love the idea of an accessory update – I’ll add it to my list – thanks xx

  5. I found a pair of crystal knee high boots from some designer for 10,ooo us dollars. I wouldn;t even buy them even if I had the money! but I did find a dupe ish pair for 100 pounds on Nasty Gal lol, not practical but ever so sparkly!

  6. Leonie hi 👋 you look lovely as always & the scenery behind you stunning so green 🌲🌳 this was a really good informative video 👍🏼 personally I wouldn’t wear any of those styles now. In my late teens I wore clogs, wedges & cowboy boots- I never liked doc martens or sneakers 👟 I find buying shoes I like & that are comfy a real pain 😢 🙄 Hope your purchases arrive before your trip. Lol ❤

  7. Love the video however,here in New Jersey it’s windy and the temperatures are 30 &below .Our boots as well as shoes have to be furry and super warm.Thanks for the tip about Ssence.Happy Holidays to you.

  8. Finally wearing my fabulous cowboy boots bought 10 years ago in usa! Recent footwear purchase has been some black satin platforms for evening/partywear but will be getting some clogs ❤

  9. I like and already own every single style you mention. I haven’t worn my Aku hiking boots anywhere except for hiking, but they are by far the most expensive footwear I have. So maybe I should give it a try.

  10. I have two pairs of Doc Martens: one that are made in China, and they hurt a lot (I bought them because they are paid print and they are really nice but I can’t wear them for long 😢), and one that I paid much for, that are made in England, and they are much more comfy. Thanks for your always useful videos. I love them. 👌🏻

    1. I love getting ones made in England when I can find them, although even the cheap docs are comfortable for me. I can walk on them until my legs tire with no problem. I dont even see why you need to worry about white ones and mud. My white ones I wear more then the others, really. You just wash them off with warm water after wearing them, and they are white again. Its not like they stain.

  11. I usually enjoy watching your videos even though I’m a plus size woman. This video really struck home to me that your idea of a bargain and mine are vastly different. I saw the prices on SSENSE and knew it was time to unsubscribe. I can’t see paying those prices for something I can find on other sites for a lot less or even better quality for less. Thank you for the last year. I wish you luck.

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