10 Wearable Fashion Trends That Are BACK in 2023!

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10 Wearable Fashion Trends That Are BACK in 2023!
Fashion trends come and go but when the goodies return it's time to celebrate. So in today's fashion and style edit I'm featuring 10 wearable fashion trends that a back this year and set to be bigger than ever. I'm hoping and guessing you may already own a number of these trends so just in case you were thinking about letting go of these pieces well perhaps think again! I'm really trying to shop my own wardrobe more and more these days and I'm also committed to thrifting some of the key 2023 fashion trends instead of paying retail prices. I had so much fun thrifting on my recent trip to LA that it's reinvigorated my passion for not only thrifting but working harder to shop my own closet too. Anyway, today's video is all about giving you wearable options so you can enjoy the clothes you already own a little more or perhaps see a gap in your lineup that you may like to fill. I hope you enjoy today's episode and I look forward to seeing you again really soon.


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31 Comments on “10 Wearable Fashion Trends That Are BACK in 2023!”

  1. Hey Leonie. Love the shacket. 👍🏼I love a denim maxi skirt & just bought one but the slit is in the back. Still hunting for a front slit one. 😁 I love those wide leg cargos and have them on my list. I would love to see how you style your sequins. TFS, I always love your tips. 😊

  2. Great video! I have also bought a black sequins top before Christmas that I will wear with many different day time outfits! Thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful day Leonie! 🤗😍

  3. I like the idea of using the blazer’s popularity as an opportunity to find one that works for your specific needs long term.

    Clear plastic outerwear and hats were a trend in the mid 1960s, too. They were a cheeky, post-war youth culture idea when oil-based materials were being experimented with. But they were soon abandoned because plastic and perspex are so impractical. Garments feel clammy hot very quickly, and acrylic heels are so hard on the foot we can’t wear them for more than a brief appearance. Acrylic jewelry, belt buckles and purses would be great, though.

    One fad I’d love to see disappear: plastic bags over, or integrated into, luxurious leather handbags. To me they send a Marie Antoinette message that seems tone deaf for our times. They’re like a middle finger to the poor: that the wearer is so rich that a $5,000 purse means nothing to her. She doesn’t have to care about the cost and workmanship, she can just throw it into a glorified grocery tote. (Worst case: the leather portion is connected to the plastic shell. The piece will soon show its age and be discarded.) The same issue could apply to many high fashion things, but personally I prefer to see the world’s finest materials and artisan talent go into pieces that can be treasured for a lifetime, and in some cases, several.

  4. I love that you show so many examples of what you’re talking about with street and fashion photos, and I think it would be a great idea if, at the end of each section (where/if it applies) you threw a photo of yourself wearing the trend in there; why not? So, that’s a yes on seeing your sequined top and wide leg cargos!

  5. I think the shacket looks good on you! I also still have my maxi low rise jean skirt and cargo’s from the 90’s, love when that works out! I even have my original steel toe Doc Martin’s from the 90’s! The positives of being older. 🙂

  6. Love your shacket! Green is my favorite color. Glad it is trending! Would love to see how you style your cargo pants and shiny top. Thank you for another wonderful video!

  7. Just to be positive, since I tend to dress in a French Chic style, I totally approve of menswear looks. Blazers (fitted, please!), nice trousers, good straight or wide-leg jeans, plain t-shirts, button-up shirts in white or blue stripes, mariniers, plain white sneakers, loafers or loafer mules, boots, simple jewelery, a neutral patterned silk scarf, nice wool overcoats and, above all, TRENCH COATS– these are what I love.

  8. That shacket looks really nice on you – the colors / bold pattern suit you perfectly! I have to say that as a petite I can rarely pull off most of the trends you feature, but I love your boundless enthusiasm for them!

  9. I love shackets, chunky loafers and oversized blazers. I basically love anything that is structured. I don’t do floppy and floaty! I also love the patch pockets on shackets. For some reason I absolutely love a patch pocket. I especially love the 70s style wide leg or flares jeans with the patch pockets on the front.

    I’ll pass on the maxi skirts. They look really difficult to walk in. And I really struggle to get shoes as I have big feet – size Uk8.5 Eur 42.5 so I’ve never got the right shoes to go with an outfit. It always seems harder to find shoes to go with a skirt or a dress than it does for jeans and trousers.

  10. Love the shacket! Suits you. I am short and find that they overwhelm my frame. Denim maxis are cool. Look great w/ boots. Men’s wear is a reason to go thrifting. Faux leather leggings look great on all shapes and sizes and are easy to style. Kelly green is such a great colour but I just can’t seem to get the hang of how to style it.

  11. I used to love “What Not to Wear” back in the day. One of the few things that I use to make my outfits is “Color, pattern, texture and shine”. This is how I can incorporate sparkle into an outfit. Low key color with a gun texture or sparkle. It’s fun and helps me use more of what I have.

    1. @The Style Insider I think of it as a mix and match game… today was a dark green turtleneck under a plaid wool vest with tiny herringbone print pants, long scarf, fedora and wine colored boots. I felt like a dark academia kid.

  12. This is such a great channel & so easy to watch, has great information & it’s all REALISTIC items that are super wearable. I definitely get a lot of inspo from you. I actually really like the top you are wearing!!! & I would like to see the sequin top you bought & how you would style it. Keep up the great work I am definitely a fan! ♥️from Australia

  13. Just offering a suggestion to to sequin top. I bought a grey sequin top in spring. I sore it with grey and mauve shorts and a mauve blazer. I honestly got dozens of compliments. Just giving another way of styling sequins. Xoxo

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