10 Ways You’re Wearing Shoes WRONG! *how to fix*

10 Ways You’re Wearing Shoes WRONG! Everything shown is linked below!

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29 Comments on “10 Ways You’re Wearing Shoes WRONG! *how to fix*”

  1. Hi, Shea! Thank you for giving back to your viewers! It shows you’re genuine and really appreciate our presence. Anyway, my favorite color is purple 💜

  2. Great tips in this video, especially about the suede waterproof spray. I am one of the ones that doesn’t buy suede for that very reason. My favorite color is purple! I love all shades of purple, but my absolute favorite is more of a plum. Thanks for the video!!!

  3. Thanks Shea! Thanks for all your great ideas and fashion inspiration! Looking forward to seeing your holiday shopping and fun videos! My favorite color is red!

  4. Hi Shea 🙂 I have been watching you for forever and love how relatable you are and how much you give back! Thank you ❤️

    My favourite colour is purple ☺️

  5. My fave color is orange 🍊 love the tip for hiding laces under the shoe tongue…I’m going to try that! Thank you for everything you do Shea! ❤

  6. Hi Shea! I love all your videos, reviews, suggestions and most of all your energy! My favorite color is blue, but for all things fashion, I am an earth tones, blacks and grays girl, all the way!!! Thank you for such amazing (&frequent) content! you’re the best!

  7. Shoe tips I didn’t know that I desperately needed! I recently started doing the laces tip with my sneakers and it looks much better. Love apple garde and use it (or Bickmore’s) on all my leather bags and shoes. Awesome video and what a generous giveaway! My favorite color is turquoise!

  8. Hi Shea! I love the color blue and all it’s shades. However, when I’m styling my clothes I tend to gravitate towards neutrals. Keep doing what you’re doing! Love your content! ❤

  9. Hey Shea! I love your channel and your fashion, makeup, skin care, hair care, etc advice. Your upbeat personality and positive attitude is refreshing. My favor colors are neutrals in the beige family. Thank you for giving back to your viewers.

  10. I love your videos! Thanks for the tip on tying tennis shoes…I’ve been wondering what the best way to do that is and your tip is so simple. And thanks for the tip on keeping your feet warm with the wool inserts! I’m heading to Germany this winter and was wondering how to keep my feet from freezing. Great tips all around. And my favorite color is Turquoise.

  11. Hey Shea!

    I love the socks you recommended a while back they are a must have in my opinion.
    I love these types of videos you make because it’s always fun to see how we evolve in fashion. My favorite color is pastel pink 😊

  12. Hey, Shea! Love you and your videos! To me, both the dark and light athletic shoes looked fine. For me, it’s more the style. I think it looks weird when wear the “gimmicky” athletic shoes as casual shoes. The ones with all the weird clear spots and springy looking bits and thick waffley looking soles. And I don’t mind seeing the ties on the laces, especially on ones like the ones you showed. Again, it’s not the laces – it’s the length of the laces. Too long laces result in long, droopy and even hazardous ties that look dumb. LOL Just my thoughts.

    Oh, and I like all pretty much all colors, depending on use or the object in question. For clothes, I love neutrals – black, charcoal, navy, cream, and white. But I think my absolute favorite color combination is navy with fuchsia accents in things like a paisley shirt or silk scarf.

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  14. These are some really good tips. I definitely am going to order those no show socks-the ones I have are so uncomfortable. And thanks for the tip on tying the shoelaces. My favorite color is blue, but I love all the neutrals too. ❤

  15. I always love your styling tips Shea even though we’re on different sides of the world when it comes to seasons, I’m coming into summer months here in Australia 🇦🇺 but it’s always helpful to refer back to your summer outfit ideas for me, I love wearing the colour blue but my home is decorated in neutral tones. Have a Great Week ahead. Cheers from Queensland Australia 🇦🇺💙💙

  16. I love watching your videos! As an “older” woman, I appreciate your style tips to keep me more current. My favorite color is yellow, however in fashion I love olive green and neutrals. Keep on giving us tips!!!❤

  17. LOVE the tip on the sheepskin insoles! My feet turn into icicles in my rain boots. Adding them to my Amazon cart for sure! Thanks! And thanks for the giveaway. That’s really nice of you! 🤗 My favorite color is green. 💚

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