10 Ways You’re Doing Your Hair WRONG! *life-changing*

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31 Comments on “10 Ways You’re Doing Your Hair WRONG! *life-changing*”

  1. I agree with your opinion of all those different styling products. I use a very small amount of Moroccan Oil and then Pureology’s Color Fanatic leave in conditioner, because I color my hair. Definitely going to try to the “flip and clip” method. I have very thick hair and a lot of it!!! So, I struggle with curling my hair in sections. I do use the Dyson Air Wrap and love it, I know you’re not a fan. But, it works for me and I truly feel like my hair is healthier and it takes half the time I was spending on curling my hair with the curling iron. Love your videos…..all of them…..BIG fan here!!

  2. As a curly girl with lots of hair this doesn’t apply to me. I always air dry my hair and cannot use heat. 🤣 Curly hair is more finicky than straight hair. Any curly girl friends I highly recommend checking out Manes By Mel. She’s a textured hair genius. 💖 💖 💖

  3. Just ordered the Magic Myst! They have a set with TWO right now! Thanks Shea. I totally agree with the blow drying hair tip. I’ve tried months and months of not using heat to “repair” my hair and it didn’t change anything except give me bad hair days every day lol. Now I style with heat once a week and use heat protection and my hair looks better than ever! Heat isn’t bad if done right and yes not too high of temperature on your hot tools! You’re videos are seriously the best and have given me the most useful and quality information. 🥰😍

  4. I learned a lot from this video. I can’t wait to try the curl clip method. My hair isn’t nearly as long as yours, but I think it will work. Thanks Shea!

  5. Okay, a FEW things;

    Air-drying actually works better for some people. I know it works best for me even though it’s so tiring to wait 3-5 hours for my hair to fully dry, but that is actually what gives me the least frizz and most shine. It has to do a l o t with the environment you live in. Specifically, blowing out your hair removes all the water from it and yes it does seal the cuticle so your hair is shinier, BUT if the environment you live in is more humid than the circumstances of the blowed-out hair, then all that water in the atmosphere starts lifting up your cuticle and gets absorbed back in the hair (much like a sponge), thus giving you frizzy hair. Different seasons also play a huge role in this.

    Second, whatever spray you’re using, try spraying on your palms and then applying it onto the hair strands, I swear this tiny detail makes SUCH a difference, it’s stupid how good of a trick it is.

    I love your videos, girl! But just a small note; I think you need to consider more that different hair types work differently to avoid getting into situations like this in the future where you have to correct yourself (I mean absolute situations where you are banning all hair sprays 😂).

    This is in no way a hate comment, just constructive criticism. Much love. 🤍

    1. @AD 28 true, especially since her hair is naturally wavy and sooo healthy and beautiful, like you can’t expect the same things that work on wavy hair to also work on straight or kinky hair.

    2. @Despina Sarakatsani for sure! It’ll turn frizzy, especially at the top, I have a bit of damage from dying it red. It’s not super damaged, but air drying keeps it wavy and healthy-looking.

    3. @Maria Silverstein It makes such a difference because when you mist it on it works much like humidity in the air, so you hair might become frizzy for no reason. Meanwhile if you brush it on with your fingertips, it seals the hair. Never thought about the acne part, that’s good to know!

  6. I’m starting to agree with the whole blow dry inside of air dry thing! I’ve been letting mine air dry like half way and then blow drying the rest of the way just so I still have minimal heat, but more smooth looking hair.

  7. Not all hair is the same and not just as a matter of preference, different products and methods, amounts of product, etc work very differently on different hinds of hair.

  8. The best advice for hair is to do what works for your hair! Try different things, and do what works for you. I wash mine every day and use insane amounts of conditioner and my hair is healthy and feels great! About 3 years ago someone said “don’t wash your hair everyday” and so I didn’t and for 3 years I hated my hair except on wash day. Now I love my hair everyday!

  9. I’ve had so many problems with frizz this year because of the constant humidity, so I’ll give your method a try. My hair is a lot shorter than yours, and naturally curly/wavy, but I’ll try it your way and see what happens. Wish me luck!

  10. I’ve been trying to concentrate my shampoo more at the roots using my head massager tool, then concentrating conditioner only on my ends. I feel like I’m stripping less natural oils from my ends that way, but the shampoo runs throughout my hair while rinsing to gently clean it. Works for me.

  11. I have mostly straight-ish, kind of wavy, hair. Last week I was out of town and shampooed/conditioned as normal, but used more leave in conditioners than normal (a hair oil, a spray, and then….Living Proof 5-in-1 styling treatment, of which was only in my travel items because it was a free sample) and then blowdried and curled my hair. I normally air dry. My hair looked the best it ever has in its life that day, curls held up til day following. I’m getting a bigger 5 in 1 – that was the secret for me. My hair is a pile of horse poo when I don’t use enough conditioner – it is very tangly. But the 5 in 1 plus hairdrying was perfect.

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