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30 Comments on “10 Ways To Look MORE ATTRACTIVE!”

  1. I definitely agree….less make up is better. Not only does it give you a fresher face, but it’s also not as harsh as lots of make-up can sometimes be.

  2. Hey Shea ,i follow you from two accounts because I find your content so useful..you impart knowledge in such smart and interesting ways..that i am having fun watching your video but simultaneously i am learning A LOT TOO..i never fail to make my bed first thing I wake up in the morning.. thanks to you i already feel productive…could you please tell me one time you shared a video saying do something immediately if it takes less than five minutes that which video was it? I want to watch that again and share it but can’t find,i tried a lot searching for it . please help

    1. Awe thank you so much for your kind words…this is such a nice comment!!!! And I totally remember sharing that tip about doing something immediately if it takes less than 5 minutes (perhaps I said 2 minutes?)…but I honestly don’t remember which video it was either! I think I’ve posted over 600 videos at this point!! Crazy 🙂

  3. I can’t imagine using fillers etc. And certainly not someone younger than at least fifties.. it’s rediculous..I keep saying.. don’t Listen to the jealous.. they are baiting you..ignore them… Thank you.. great video .❤️

  4. ❤️❤️❤️Shea, you look amazing and I don’t think you had anything done to your face. You’re just a natural beauty! 😁👌🏻🌺

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