10 Ways to Look 10 Years YOUNGER!

10 Ways to Look 10 Years YOUNGER! Click here: https://glnk.io/y3071/shea to try Vegamour HYDR-8 and/or Hair Serum and use code SHEA to get 20% off your order!! Everything is linked below!

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    ⭐Vegamour HYDR-8: https://glnk.io/y3071/shea
    **Use code SHEA for 20% off everything!**

    Hair Growth Serum: https://glnk.io/y3071/shea
    **Use code SHEA for 20% off everything!**

    Amazon Hair Ties: https://amzn.to/40F02RA

    BEST Brow Product: https://bit.ly/3Y9zPJ5

    Pink Blush: https://bit.ly/3IGzrgj

    Crest Whitestrips: https://amzn.to/3l7ZyDh
    Lumineux Whitestrips: https://amzn.to/3wV2ohr
    Lumineux Whitening Pen: https://amzn.to/3HUhUAm

  2. Hi Shea! What was the highlighter stick you used with the Dior Blush! I’m a blush fanatic myself! Love all your videos and suggestions! ✨💕😊💕✨

  3. Really good video!! Good idea about trying to do makeup like the filter. Light and bright colors are great too! I can start working on those right away. Sending angry mama to your IG 😄

  4. It’s funny, a couple years ago I was searching “ways to look older”(baby face), now I’m watching “tips to look younger”🤣🤣🤣 life and our culture LOL

  5. You always have gorgeous hair! I’ve tried Vegamour based on your recommendation and I absolutely love it! I do have a hard time being consistent about it though. I may want to try the Hydr8 line but I do have oily hair so maybe I’ll just try the hair mask or conditioner

  6. Sleeping on my back was sorta decided for me by my back & hip problems, and I get complimented for how few wrinkles I have. It’s hard to determine if that’s really it, as I always stay out of the sun or wear super sunscreen like a nut when out. I don’t know, but I’ll be 60 this June, and my grey that I chase with color and my dark circles (that appeared when I was diagnosed with lupus – are any other lupus sufferers having this – dark circles under your eyes like bruises) are the big things that signal my age the most. So yea, I’ve really looked into how to sleep for overall orthopedic benefit, and it’s also back sleeping.

    1. Have you had your ferritin levels checked for anemia and or iron deficiency. Your ferritin and iron saturation are key not hemoglobin and hematacrit it can be missed by just checking those. And since you have lupus you are more likely to develop anemia or iron deficiency. Anyways that can cause horrible dark circles and thinking and aging of hair, dry brittle and grey hair amongst many other thing like fatigue, shortness of breath etc

  7. I used Vegamour for almost a year and for some reason it just never worked for me, I started taking Biotin and that has helped my hair from coming out. The Vegamour shampoo sounds like a good one.

  8. I have considered trying the growth serum since I had so much post-covid hair loss and cant take oral biotin supplements. Also, My favourite ways to make myself look a little younger is using a good eye cream and remembering to wear SPF daily.

  9. My sister is pulling her hair in a ponytail but she s starting to loose quite a lot of hair on the front top of her head. So, the trick is good but not to be done very often at all

  10. Great tips! I’ve been sleeping on my back since I was pretty much born and I’m 45 now, no wrinkles on my face except my laugh lines. If I ever nap on my side my face is all smashed in lol. I have a pillow from my chiropractor that is for my neck and helps to keep me from shifting too much in the night. Staying hydrated and drinking water is paramount for good skin. Not smoking and no alcohol also does wonders. Your face will dry out less when you work to hydrate it. Retinols and vitamin C were recommended by a fabulous plastic surgeon once so I take that to heart and do that daily. I have had no plastic surgery and have no interest in doing so. No judgment on anyone if they do.

    Don’t ever feel pressured to use botox. It has been in use for decades so the studies are out there. My sister in law gets it via prescription for her massive headaches. Her life has gotten so much better since then. I started going about twice a year to help my forehead muscles keep from spazzing out. It was very distuptuve in my life. I don’t take ibuprofen anymore for the tension and over the last. 2 years the need to do anything, including botox, has decreased because the muscle has relaxed. For me anyway.

  11. Thanks for all the great tips, Shea! I’d like to confirm that not sleeping on your side is very anti aging. I’m 73. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. I tried the CPAP machine, but could not handle it. I was desperate. I bought a fancy recliner, and have been sleeping in a sitting up position ever since. I only recline to about 100 degrees. Granted, it took awhile but I noticed that the left side of my face didn’t look so flattened out. The swelling of my eyes (a problem since birth) was greatly improved. No more sleep wrinkles on my face that lasted all day. Now at three years later, both sides of my face are equally plump and the only wrinkles I have are two across my forehead (there since my late teens) nearly invisible “11” lines, and nasal-labial lines that I’ve had since my early 20s. Now this is amazing… I have NO wrinkles around my eyes — not a one! I’m 73! I’m sure that having swollen eyes most of my life helped with eye wrinkles…but, still.

  12. Thanks Shea! I’m 55 and sleeping on your back has many good benefits, but if someone wants to try a way to avoid sleep wrinkles on their side, try the sleep and glow pillow or a more affordable one that’s similar on Amazon. I love it and have been using it for years.♥️

    1. Thanks 👆for watching and expect more video soon,inbox me directly on telegram you won a price 🎁🎁🎁.

  13. I just ordered the 3 piece set from Vegamour. I hope my hair looks half as good as your hair does. I always look forward to watching you on Saturday mornings. Have a great weekend, Shea!😊♥

  14. I finally did it I ordered the Vegamour hair growth serum and the hydro 8 products. My hair used to be so thick but not anymore. I trust you Shea. Your recommendation hasn’t disappointed. Thank you for sharing

  15. Your videos are always so informative. Really enjoy them all. At 75 I appreciated this video. Am fighting the wrinkles now. Do you have a suggestion for dark spots? I hate them. Nothing shows your age like “age spots” on your face. Ugh! Thanx for all you do. I have bought many of your recommended products. ❤

  16. For the benefit of any women who are dealing with the devastation of hair loss either due to menopause, stress, Alopecia may I offer some advice? I deal with all three and lost 3/4 of my hair and it ruined my life: I didn’t go out for YEARS without a woolly hat (even in summer) and dreaded the day I would have to go down the wig route ….. 2018 was that time, and I bought a cheap wig from China – and my Goodness, the effect it had on me was nothing short of a miracle! Not only is my confidence and sparkle back, women ask me nearly every week who does my hair!! So please don’t waste years of your life like I did: we don’t all have gorgeous hair like the lovely Shea but if you get the right wig and wear it with confidence, no-one will ever know. xx

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