Here are my TOP 10 ways to always look expensive!!! As I mentioned, this isn't the most important thing in life – but we all love to look “high end” and lux! I hope you enjoy this video 🙂

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88 Comments on “10 WAYS TO ALWAYS LOOK EXPENSIVE | Shea Whitney”

    1. This is so true. And a ‘nice’ watch does not have to be expensive at all. Watch connoisseurs will be low-key judging you if you’re wearing a dw anyway, or even those “high end” watches from brands who aren’t really watch-makers (e.g. michael kors, armani, etc.).
      Get a classic casio, timex, or swatch for under $50. If you have money to splurge, get an automatic seiko, citizen or orient for under $200. Or get an authentic vintage/2nd hand rolex, breitling, longines, patek, panerai, etc. For under $1000. Though if anybody here is willing to spend this much on a watch, they’d better read up on horology as well. 🙂 after all, knowledge on the history and heritage of the timepiece you’re wearing will also elevate your social status way more convincingly than your clothes.

    2. I’ve never liked watches and dainty necklaces, especially if they’re not layered.
      It looks so mummish. Just add your stacked engagement and wedding ring to complete the look.

  1. Health. Shiny hair, glowing skin, bright eyes, short nails, simple makeup. Structured pieces of clothing, clothes that fit your body well, nothing skimpy. Delicate jewellery, nothing gaudy and cheap. Posture. Manners. Gratitude.

  2. Class and elegance are missing. You can put as many labels as you want, and look silly. Simplicity, how the clothes actually fit and do they compliment you, those are some key points. Often times “cheap” clothes look cheap, because of the material and sewing. Flashy looks “cheap” and somewhat desperate. I’ve seen so many well dressed women and man, who look elegant and expensive with out a single designer label “screaming “.

  3. You’re a “soft” person (with your soft hazel/green eyes and mid-toned hair color) rather than a “bright” person (who has more contrast and looks better in bright saturated colors) so, those muted neutral colors will look good on you, but they will drain the life out of some people. A bright all-red outfit, for example, will look just as “expensive” on some people as a an all neutral outfit… Thinking specifically of Blair Eadie from Atlantic Pacific’s gorgeous bright outfits that always look expensive. You just have to find the colors and tones that are best for your skin tone/eye color/hair color. A mauvy lip would look better on you than the red in the video, but I agree there’s certainly a red shade that can work for almost anyone. Again, it’s about the tones…more blue/pink for the cooler people and more orange or deeper shades for the warmer people. Everyone can look great if they find the right colors and tones, make sure clothes fit properly and are ironed or steamed, make sure hair and nails are neat and clean.

    1. Well put. I think it is important to emphasize that clothing choice doesn’t help if it doesn’t fit properly, clearly isn’t cared for, or is damaged. A luxury brand piece of clothing that doesn’t fit right could make it look like you snagged it from a thrift store.

      A person who shops at Wal-mart and actually hand washes and hang dries according to the label, and irons their clothes will usually look more elevated than any person who goes out in a luxury shirt that hasn’t been ironed or has shrunk in the dryer.

      There have been a few times I bought a beautiful shirt but forgot to separate it to hand wash. The logo is worthless if it is on a piece that looks like crap.

  4. I hate logos..to me they are tasteless..I see people with these expensive bags and glasses and things trying to prove how much they are worth by wearing names.
    Beautifully made bags and footwear of good quality are available without the brash, ostentatious display. Paired with classic comfortable clothes and clean healthy skin and hair. Makeup that accentuates your natural features not “make up” for them and fragrance that expresses your personality or your spirit.
    A kind and courteous attitude.
    Done and Done.

    1. If I see someone covered in logos, they look classless and makes me think the exact opposite effect of what they are trying to do.

    2. @Ruth’s Quilting and More thats exactly what my husband says. He also says that if a brand wants him to promote their items name they should pay him to do it hes not gonna do it for free .

    3. Love my monogram bags, they are my favorite. The plain/ monotone bags are boring to me, it doesn’t take wearing a monogram for someone to show off a bag. Monogram bags are fun.

    1. I work at a medical school, and none of the doctors or higher-ups have logos on their clothes. Meanwhile, employees who earn significantly less are often decked out in logos and driving cars they can’t afford.

  5. The best way to be classy is refine and educate the mind, increase your vocabulary, read great literature and be compassionate to and help animals. All combined it’s quite a dynamic presentation. People tend to surround themselves with “things” and many times it’s simply because there’s nothing else to that person. If you have intellect and personality life is much more satisfying and interesting. I have known many ppl who dress well and look well put together and there’s no one home.

  6. It must really take some thick skin to be a YouTube Beauty/Fashion Blogger. How do you do it with so much negativity? I would probably read every comment, focusing on the bad ones, and cry myself to sleep. I think you’re great Shea!!! Keep up the great work!!!

    1. Right! It’s horrible how mean people can be. Why take time to tear another down because you’re unhappy, jealous, and able to hide behind a keyboard/ phone?! If you don’t care for what a person is sharing, move on! Simple!

    2. cece lewis You’re absolutely right!!! They say you’re supposed to have haters….it means you’re doing something right. Shea must be doing her thang and doing it very well!!!

  7. Tying a designer scarf/bandeau/twilly to a less expensive label bag is not classy at all, it is very pretentious. Never attach a more expensive scarf to a cheaper bag. The bag should always be more expensive than the scarf etc.

    1. Its all about looks, shiny scarf for shiny bag,,, simpler cotton scarf for everyday leather,, the price of the scarf doesn’t matter, texture and fabric however….

    2. That was my thought also nobody said still but they know you’re trying to pretend when you do that actually she’s talking to a real young crowd I’m in the middle so some of that stuff does not fit me

    3. I agree the bag accessory shouldn’t be more expensive than the bag. Like, if you have a $500 budget, you should focus on getting a quality bag instead of an LV bag charm and an Aldo bag lol. *But* I think the right Hermès twilly would look good on a Coach Cassie, for example.

    1. Virginia Conway lol. If I looked like I planned my outfit, you’re seeing me at my “I tried my hardest, please don’t say anything rude about my outfit. I actually put a lot of effort into this.” But I still manage to look like crap

    2. @Madison Morris
      The best time to put an outfit together is when all your laundry is done. If something doesn’t work you just chuck it and replace it. That always works for me.
      When I start to run out of clean clothes I start to look frumpy.

  8. Want to appear truly wealthy? Speak with elegance and class. Have great posture and manners. Enhance your vocabulary through literature. Learn multiple languages. Wear neutral clothing, with a pop of color at times. Invest in nice quality, leather shoes and handbags. Don’t display logos ostentatiously. Don’t wear imitation hair or nails, keep everything simple and neat. Basically do the opposite of every “famous” person on Instagram and reality tv.

    1. My great grand parents were filthy rich and flashy all the Time. They had cars, planes, were racing, dressed haute couture. You have many ways of being rich.

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