10 TRICKS to Have a BETTER Looking Face! *try this*

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30 Comments on “10 TRICKS to Have a BETTER Looking Face! *try this*”

  1. I must admit, I’m not thrilled with the wrinkles on my face, but there is something to be said about having an expressive face. When it DOESN’T move, I find that makes me feels uncomfortable because I can’t get a good read on that person. I knew a guy who was so concerned about getting crow’s feet that when he smiled, he only did it with his mouth. His eyes stayed wide open. It was WEIRD.

    1. I agree! And I don’t think taping would work for me anyway because I have such an expressive face. I’ll just have to moisturize well and hope for the best!

    2. I’m 20 & have wrinkles on my forehead near the top bc I raise my eyebrows for everything. Happy, sad, angry, confused, everything. I wanted to get Botox but nowhere near me will treat until you’re at least 25. I’m so scared of my skin turning out like my moms, but she told me that in the 80s she would put actual oil or butter on her skin to tan. Never have and never will do that so I should be good lol

  2. Good tips, Shea! We all like to look better! I don’t think taping would work for me, though. I have a very expressive face. You have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Shea, I’m 57 and when I was little, like late 1960s—thru 1980’s, my Mom used to put tape on her face while she was home. Always. She said it helped her not to “scowl” and give herself wrinkles!! Truly, my Mom looked way younger than her years.

  4. I actually use athletic tape. Much more comfortable. Part of my night routine and then sleep with it. Plumps the lines out!! Works with crows feet too. Don’t do this if you are allergic to adhesives even with scotch tape.

    1. Sounds promising but the adhesive makes me wonder if – over time – isn’t it more damaging that constant pulling on the skin everytime you remove the tape? For example: on the fine skin around the eyes that we are always so careful not to pull, even as we apply eye cream it’s always with gentle pats with a finger tip. Take care that in the long term all that tape pulling does not make that fine skin sag. Especially in under eyebrow, eyelid area and outer corners.

    2. @stupor mundi have you heard about frownies? You can wear them to sleep and you have to wet the patch to take it back off, so that automatically forces you to not have to pull/stretch on your skin to take it off. When I was using them, it was easy because we all have to wash our face upon walking up anyway, so it’s not like you’re spending any additional time in your morning routine. And I can tell you from my own experience that frownies DO WORK! for as long as I used them, they did the job, the 11’s actually went away and my forehead became sensitive to my own facial expressions to the point that when I was going about my day, I would feel it when I initially frowned, even without the frownies on, so I would instantly stop myself! You can buy them online!

    3. @Alpha Notmale that sounds awesome, I didn’t know about frownies. I squint a lot when my eyes are tired from screens and I notice the lines forming, now I will definitely look that up, thanks! 💖

  5. I’ve been using tape … my husband makes fun of me, but agree, it’s less invasive than botox. Thanks for your fun and informative videos … Merry Christmas

  6. I agree with other person, frownies are great! Wear at night, forms a “cast” on frown lined, trains muscles and pulls collagen to surface! And no chemicals or botox needed!
    Love your tips!!🥰

  7. Loving your hair! Just wondering, what hair dye do you usually use for touch ups? Do you get it professionally done or do you do it yourself? Thanks!

  8. I’d love more info about brow tinting. Lash lift is pricey but looks so good. I’ve tried it and prefer it more than lash extension which looks more fake.

  9. Hi Shae. I used to use to do the tape trick, back in the day, but I used electrical tape instead. It was rough taking it off, but it did help unti my 40s. Now at 57 I treat myself to Botox when I feel m looking pinched and grinch-like. Amazing tips!! The ‘Too Faced Lip Injection’ lip plumper extreme. This does something, I’m not sure what, but it does something that works!! Love your brows and lashes too. Lash lift and tint is awesome. Everyone asks if I lost weight. 😂🤣😂🤣🙌

  10. I was using Vegamour for about 6 months and to be honest I didn’t see any improvement, also it made my scalp itch so bad I had to stop using it. I purchased the 3 pack twice and still have a bottle and 1/2 left over.
    Some good suggestions.

  11. Love your videos! Just a quick comment about the anatomy for the bronzer…I think Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist might have meant to put bronzer on the ‘trachea’ area. The trachea is the cartilage at the front of the throat that transfers air to the lungs (and where the vocal folds/cords are that create speech 😀). The esophagus is behind the trachea and that’s what takes food down to our stomach.

  12. Weeellll..I was just getting ready to say “Shea you so crazy with the tape!!” But after seeing all the comments, guess I’ll have to try it too!! 🤣❤️

  13. The tape thing totally helps. I’ve bought the sticky patches made specifically for this but those leave my skin red and irritated where good old scotch tape doesn’t.

  14. Lash lift/ tint is life!! But make sure you find a good place, I’ve had varied results and then I found my perfect person and it’s life changing! (Not to be dramatic) Lol
    I never have to wear mascara 👏🏼

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