10 *Tiny* Outfit Mistakes That Make You Look MESSY!

10 *Tiny* Outfit Mistakes That Make You Look MESSY! For links to everything mentioned and shown in this video, click SHOW MORE!

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(in order of appearance)

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41 Comments on “10 *Tiny* Outfit Mistakes That Make You Look MESSY!”

  1. I got those rubber shoelaces after you suggested them last time, I put them on my favorite pair of sneakers and they look 10 times better! I immediately got compliments the next time I wore them out!!!

  2. I remember back in the late 90’s, when I was in high school taking my mom into Ambercrombie because I wanted a pair of jeans. She looked at them and said I’m not paying $80 for a pair of jeans with rips and holes in them! If that’s the look you’re going for then we can do that ourselves at home for free!!! Needless to say- she didn’t buy those Ambercrombie jeans! Lol 😆

    1. My cousin had on a pair of expensive distressed jeans and my mom felt sorry for her. My mom wanted to give my cousin money for new jeans. 😂 We had to explain that my cousin bought them that way.

  3. I love your videos but I have some constructive Criticism as a designer:

    You have a lack of understanding when it comes to constructing clothes.
    Darts are there to create shape for areas that are not flat, (like your bust) so it’s absolutely necessary for them to be at your bust point specifically, because your. Bust area is round and not flat. If the darts were not there, the garment wouldn’t fit you properly.
    It doesn’t matter from what direction the dart is coming from, but it will always end at the bust point (your nipple area) They are especially necessary for fabric with no stretch in it. The alternative is making a panel instead of a bust dart. But that changes the whole design.

    Other than that I love you videos thank you for all the useful information and tips ✨

    1. Darts don’t have to create the “pointy nipple”. When done correctly they don’t. It appears to be intentional on the runway examples. Look for garments that are properly constructed..especially if you have average to large breasts.

    2. I don’t want it to come a wrong way but not everyone needs the darts so not everyone may understand how important they are for some ladies. I wear an F cup, I would look like a mess without the darts, I need them even on a stretchy fabric. However, none of my tops have the “pointy nipple” darts, they usually end before the nipple area, so I agree with Shea that some darted tops/dresses look messy.

  4. I bought a dress without trying. Loved the design, the print. I was in rush and just grabbed the dress and bought it. A month later when I wanted to wear the dress. Guess what I saw. I saw that I have pointy nipples. I was so mad. The receipt was lost by then. Now the dress is in donation box.

  5. I know some kiddos who would benefit from those tieless shoe laces, one has a paralyzed hand another is a kiddo who probably suffers from learning disabilities that prevent him from retaining how to tie his shoes.

  6. Hi Shea! So I’m a fashion design student and while I understand why designers still put in front darts, I absolutely agree that they just look…..weird. If they are even a bit messed up when making the garment then the poor person wearing it has to look like they are wearing one of those burlesque cone bras! Safe to say, if I’m ever well known, you’ll never have to worry about that with my designs! Great video!

  7. I bought those no-show shoelaces and get comments on them all the time…it does makes a difference on the look. Thanks Shea for the suggestion.

  8. I always thought the thread belt loops were meant to be cut off, no? I thought they were just there to keep the belt with the garment until it is sold. Like how pockets and kicks pleats are often sewn shut when you buy them.

  9. I have seen many yoga instructors on YouTube too that even have a diamond shaped stitched fabric right on the crotch. Just whyyyy? Always wear a long top over leggings and stick to neutral shades without weird stitching or patters.

  10. Bust darts are actually an indication of a well made garment. The darts should be inverted (meaning the point is inside- not outside like the examples). They are truly beneficial for the full busted as adds more fabric to the bust-line. This allows shirt to fit in shoulders and accommodate the girls.

    1. @V K Exactly; Shea, as an almost flat-chested lady, cannot understand why darts would be necessary. It also strikes me as a bit puritanical. She’s freaked out by the extra emphasis it gives the bust? News for Shea: busty girls can’t avoid it.

    2. @V K I think this is the most important note about darts. They’re intended for those of us that bigger busts interfere with the intended fit of the clothing. That and they should fit your body correctly to highlight and enhance. If they aren’t tailored to your body, you might end up looking like a Madonna wannabe

  11. Middle-seamed yoga pants.. UGH For the love of all that is holy.. even with a gusset, you’re pretty much signing me up for a long shirt or constant awkward angles in every photo

  12. Sometimes I prefer the lines on the leggings. Sometimes when it isn’t there it can look like you have boy parts. But also agree with your point

  13. Using a spray makeup adhesive helps keep makeup off your turtle necks—also put most of your makeup on the middle of your face and then blend it outward, with the goal being that when you get to your chin and jaw there is very little coverage and not so much to rub off!

  14. How about constantly pulling all of your hair to the front. It hangs all over your shoulders, covering any details you may have in your top. Then CONSTANTLY tugging, pulling, flipping it up to the front because God forbid it go back behind your shoulder?!?! 🙄 The constant fidgeting is maddening!

  15. The darts in the front aren’t messy. They are a structural design in the outfit for the bust line. If a person is larger than an A cup, and especially if she is a D cup or larger, then these dart lines are necessary unless you are wearing a muumuu. The darts make allowance for the bust but then bring the rest of the outfit back to the body. It is perfect for showing curves, waistlines, and especially hourglass figures.

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