10 *Tiny* Habits That Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE in 2022!

10 Tiny Habits That Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE in 2022! For links to everything shown in this video, click SHOW MORE!

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34 Comments on “10 *Tiny* Habits That Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE in 2022!”

    1. @Shea Whitney It’s brilliant! Lili (my wife) and I are using it (alongside our Mind Notes and Morning Notes journals) to make things happen in 2022

    2. @Shea Whitney I read it at the beginning of last year and it was life changing for sure! I finally took some control over my health and well-being and it helped me start a routine of meditation in the morning, then I added taking my supplements and exercising, that helped me look at my diet and what I was putting into my body. Was able to recover from an accident quickly, avoiding a surgery, lost 65 lbs and I’m off all my medications! I cannot speak highly enough about Atomic Habits!!!

    3. What umm like what type of a book is it? Like how is it written? Lol you probably don’t know what I’m trying to say lol 😂 but I don’t know how to word it

  1. I have major anxiety and I learned to breathe in for four seconds, hold it for two and exhale for six seconds ALL through your nose. It ensures you’re doing it slowly. It helps reduce anxiety and also decreases blood pressure and your heart rate. I never thought of doing it outside. I’ll start doing that.

    1. Same! Well, a bit different, I was told 4 second each, but the concept is the same.
      Another technique I was told and use especially to help me not get anxious around bedtime is to enumerate all the things I can feel – and go into details like I feel the contact of the bedsheet on my feet, I feel my cheek against the pillow – then all the things I can hear, all the things I can smell, all the things I can taste. Smell and taste is less applicable at bedtime but it can work at other moments. This helps me a lot.

  2. Shea I just love your approach. Your themed style of numbering the outline of your videos is truly important to me. When I see your videos titled this way, I’m motivated to watch, listen, take notes & brainstorm. You’ve inspired me again and again, and I thank you. As a Wife, Mom and Career Woman, I have to utilize my time & energy to the fullest. You never disappoint me, girl. I think we’d be buds if we knew each other “in real life” lol. Here’s to taking charge of 2022!!

    1. WOW – this is such an amazing comment…thank you so much for taking the time to write it!!! I truly appreciate the kind words!!! Much love to you and I hope you have a wonderful & productive 2022!!!!

  3. I love this! Thanks for always looking out for us and sharing your ideas and everything that you think would help us too!!!!! Your so considerate of everybody and I appreciate that about you! May you continue to be blessed and a blessing to all! Love ya!!!!!!

  4. These tips are great! . It’s funny bc I decided this year that since I WFH I will only wear yoga pants two days a week. I also signed up for piano lessons (yes adult group lesson) and pickle ball at my local rec center!

  5. “Everyone mentions this habit : drink more water” meanwhile I’m here struggling to not drink too much water 😂
    I’m going to check the CBD company and the journals, they look really nice! I’m also going to do “no-phone-moments” and I really want to read more again! xx

    I’ve got a video request, could you show us your everyday winter makeup routine please? You always look so fresh and you glow without looking sweaty 😅

  6. Excellent advice about sugars/carbs. Due to a health scare, I greatly reduced my overall carb intake, including bananas, lol! The results have been truly miraculous. Definitely hard at first but worth it!!!

    1. @Lucinda Jackson I think the issue is that Americans are so addicted to junk food in general, the thought is if only a person could give up the cookies and grab a banana instead. At least they are getting some nutrition and eating a real food. But you are right, fruits are carbs and it is best to stick to those that are low glycemic, such as blueberries

  7. Honestly almost didn’t click on this one because I have watched sooooo many of these types of videos but as always your version is always the best! You amaze me at how wise you are on so many subjects!

  8. This video was for me Shea! Watching with tears as I am working on myself this year and being a better wife and mom. I want to incorporate all of these tiny habits.

  9. This is brilliant. Thank you for some excellent tips for the year ahead. And thank you so much for including the LSW Mind Notes and LSW Morning Notes journals in your tips. Both of these were designed and made by my partner (Lili) and it’s wonderful to hear you talk about them so positively. So exciting to know that we both write in the same journals each day!

  10. Shea once again you nailed it. Love love loved this video. You brought up mindful things that are really important in one’s life. I’m getting the journals and CBD products. Thank you so much for this information. You are a bright lil lady and you bring so much to all of us. Keep on trucking Shea, can’t wait for the next video. ❤️. I keep saying this I wish I knew someone on utube that could guide me to talk about health in general as I’m a retired RN. But, I’m completely lost in the computer land. Val from PA.

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