10 Things OUT OF STYLE You NEED To TRASH! (or donate)

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71 Comments on “10 Things OUT OF STYLE You NEED To TRASH! (or donate)”

    1. Agree, who gives a stuff if it’s in style, if it suits you wear it. Who looks at your bikini on holiday? so what if it is faded. Please, bikinis don’t bio degrade, wear them. Big belts are back in London autumn 2018, don’t throw them!

    2. @Victoria O’Neill good to know im not the only person who knows of ‘one wash clothes’ as so true. Its crazy but true, often throw away many clothes after couple wears, but pls know got what i paid for.

    1. LOL,, That’s a good thing I would say, esp. if we’re talking about a bathing suit! Funny, my aunt used to say that her husband was such a stinge – never letting her buy new things- that her swimsuit was “back in style” 🙂

  1. Top 10 Things To Get Rid Of or Donate
    1. Clothes that dont fit
    2. Clothes that aren’t comfortable
    3. Stuff that doesnt make you happy
    4. Clothes with too many stains
    5. Clothes with too many holes
    6. Stuff where the elastic is not stretchy no more
    7. Prom dresses so other girls can look pretty at their prom 🦄
    8. Jewelry that turns your skin green (no itchy skin pls!)
    9. Boots that let the water in (no wet socks pls!)
    10. Anything that has a bad memory.

    1. She literally said at the start of the video that ripped, stained things, etc. are no-brainers, but that wasn’t the kind of list she was going to do because, again, it goes without saying that you should be getting rid of such things. Your list is obvious and goes without saying. If you need someone to tell you to throw stuff out that has a busted elastic band, well … god bless. What is funny about this video is that fashion is so transitory. Huge belts are back “in” just a year later.

  2. People were being very mean because they didn’t agree with HER opinion. She said multiple times those were just her opinions about current fashion; so you don’t have to agree. Don’t click on videos you automatically know you’re going to criticize no matter what. Since when is it cool to be rude for no reason?

  3. I honestly don’t understand why she gets so much hate. The video is all about her sharing her opinions and if you don’t agree, it doesn’t matter. Make your own video and share you own tips

  4. It’s so funny because I was about to get up and get rid of my riding boots but then I looked out my window and saw my horse and I was like “hmm….I might need these to ride 🤣 ”

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