10 Summer FASHION TRENDS Worth Trying in 2021!

10 Summer FASHION TRENDS Worth Trying in 2021! For links to everything mentioned and shown in this video, click SHOW MORE!

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(in order of appearance)

1. Skims Bralette (S/M): https://bit.ly/3uqZIVV

2. Gold Necklace (only $17): https://bit.ly/33kqcfK

3. Denim Shorts (size 25): https://bit.ly/3eX9OY1

4. Floral Dress (XS): https://bit.ly/3w0cRpx

5. Bubble Sleeve Top (XS): https://bit.ly/3trDXUu

6. Light-Blue Mini Dress (XS): https://bit.ly/33o5ITn

7. Crochet Top (XS, white): https://bit.ly/3uoN4Xo
Other color options: https://bit.ly/3eXJTj8

8. Black Slides (true to size): https://bit.ly/3tokHaq

9. Pink Bikini (S): https://bit.ly/2R3lMHA
**Highly recommend this line of Billabong swimsuits…different cuts/colors are available!**

10. Yellow Bikini Top (S): https://bit.ly/3b4gzWL
Yellow Bikini Bottom (S): https://bit.ly/3bacNLP

11. Shoulder Pad Top (XS): https://bit.ly/2RA74rq

Floral Dress I Love: https://bit.ly/3tuzAZ1
Puff Sleeve Top (love): https://bit.ly/3nZwn2u
Racerback Bodysuit: https://bit.ly/3esTA9X
Soft Cup Bra: https://bit.ly/2PYIgZQ
Wide-Leg Pants: https://bit.ly/3eXwQOA
Cognac Slides: https://bit.ly/3d6321h
Nike Sneakers: https://bit.ly/3uIt4iV
Tory Burch Crossbody: https://bit.ly/3ba3s6s
Tory Burch Bag: https://bit.ly/3tqhQxL
Leather Shoulder Bag: https://bit.ly/2PYISi8 OR https://bit.ly/3turD6e
Reversible Tote: https://bit.ly/35RVAVE


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20 Comments on “10 Summer FASHION TRENDS Worth Trying in 2021!”

  1. Pastel colours really suit you shea!
    Summers are a big thing. You are usually always cold. But I live in India. Where 48°C is very common. So when I see open toe stuff, camisoles , crop tops or stuff like that. I feel a bit relieved.

  2. I would not be mad if you branched off and also did some food/lifestyle videos. I’d love to see what you eat in a day!! Thanks you for the ok point recommendations as always! 💕

  3. That blue top is so adorable! I’m not sure how much I’m into puffy sleeves because I have broad shoulders and it makes it even more wide lol

  4. I was a teenager in the 90’s and I can’t bring myself to get onto the 90’s trend train. Not my finest fashion moments.
    You look stunning btw

  5. Shea – did I miss a video where you talk about what you’ve done to your teeth recently ?? They look very different. I can’t stop staring. I keep having to rewind your video cause I’m so focused and curious about your teeth 😂🤣

  6. 💗💗Personally I don’t follow trends……As we know, trends ….. ya well adios! I wear what I wear for 2 reasons (not because I want to‘follow’ a trend or something is ‘on trend’) ….ONE . I think it’s cute no matter what anyone else might say and TWO , I think I look good in it , MY opinion is what really matters 💗💗

  7. I remember hating shoulder pads even when they were in and cutting them out as soon as I got home from the store. I don’t think I will ever like them .

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