10 Products You Should STOP Using IMMEDIATELY! *what to buy instead*

10 Products You Should NEVER Use or Buy…and what to buy instead!! Everything shown in this video are linked below!

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MY AMAZON PAGE: https://www.amazon.com/shop/sheawhitney
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59 Comments on “10 Products You Should STOP Using IMMEDIATELY! *what to buy instead*”

  1. Hey Shea. I’ve been a watcher since almost the beginning. I appreciate your take but I wanted to just share that, as someone who was diagnosed with skin cancer for the first time at 24 (I’m a pale ginger so it’s not that uncommon), I just wanted to say please use sunscreen, ANY sunscreen. I guarantee you that cancer is worse than any of those sunscreens are.

    1. @Saved by Grace Not so sure about that tho, ancient people do get cancer but they just don’t know what that is / don’t live long enough for it to get worse / “who cares about peasants”

    2. @Rachel I do you think Elta Md is okay to use daily? A good friend of mine has skin cancer and it’s horrible. Any cancer is scary. Glad you’re okay besides the scars. That’s your warrior scars.

    3. @Tanya Flynn definitely warrior scars, thank you. I think it depends which Elta MD one you are using. They have so many and some are a mix of chemical and mineral.

    4. @Saved by Grace Suncreens showed up when skin cancer was diagnosed, was the other way around. was the result of methods to prevent sun damage to skin cells

  2. Some people can’t use mineral sunscreen so it’s very important to emphasize to just USE any sunscreen that your skin can handle.
    Also just because something is “chemical” it’s not necessarily bad. You’re very wrong about petroleum jelly for instance. Derivatives of some chemicals are not bad at all.

    1. @Rachel I that depends where you live. In my country we even clean our streets with drinkable water. So our tap water is perfectly fine and healthy and everyone drinks is 🤷🏼‍♀️ except Americans when they come and visit and they’re the only one buying bottled water 😂 guess your comment explains why. You think if your tap water is bad it’s bad everywhere but I can assure you that’s not true

  3. Also, the medical system is lifesaving and I would never devalue it, but the idea that they are the sole keepers of what may keep you well is bunk. Remember in the 1950’s there were ads with doctors in labcoats advertising their favorite cigarettes. Sometimes all of the wisdom isn’t institutional. Not everyone holds all of the information. Thank you Shea!

    1. RE: Doctors in Smoking ads…..Sort of. Those Doctors likely paid a high professional price for this ad performance from those in the medical field. They were likely ostracized as Lunatics and lost all professional credibility by the vast majority of their fellow medical professionals. But who needs friends, reputation, and integrity if you are well paid off by tobacco companies?

  4. I wish people would do more research on this topic. It’s so important to be aware of what you put on and in your body. I had a cancer scare a few years ago and I started to do lots of research and cut out so many ingredients and products that I can’t even believe are allowed to be sold. It disgusts me.

  5. I don’t understand why you would recommend charcoal deodorant? Aluminum is horrible for you, but charcoal, used consistently, has side effects. No one should be placing charcoal on their skin everyday. Your just replacing one bad thing with another.
    I think it is best to avoid these types of videos, even if intentions are good. You run the risk of misleading and misinforming your audience. It could prove dangerous in the long run as you have no medical or scientific background.

    1. Not to mention that essential oils can cause sensitivity and are likely worse than most artificial fragrances. Sometimes the alternative is worse than the original. (Essential oils, aluminum, talc, and charcoal are all natural ingredients – what makes ingredients more or less safe has nothing to do with whether they are natural or not.)

  6. I wish you understood greenwashing a bit better. Just because something is ‘natural’ doesn’t make it safe and just because something is a ‘chemical’ doesn’t make it unsafe (technically everything is a chemical). Of course do what works for you, but maybe try to be less of an alarmist. Sincerely, a scientist.

    1. Same! Love Shea, but the info in this vid is super problematic and biased. Hope folks do their own research (or have an educated beauty pro in their corner)!
      A Nail Artist 🤣💕

  7. TSS is not caused by the “chemicals” in the tampons. It is caused by bacteria breeding in the tampon if left for extended period of time. Also, not because something has “chemicals” in it, it is toxic or harmful.

    1. @shaydaful I’m fortunate to have had a hysterectomy so I no longer need to use anything!! I’m just really curious about them and if a person was using an ultra tampon AND a thin maxi pad and changing them every 1-2 hours how many period panties would they have to have for the same timeframe?

  8. So, would you still recommend the dry shampoo (klorane) that you just recommended during prime day? I love your videos and completely understand that preferences and information changes, but some consistency beyond your sponsored products would be nice. Not sure if it’s just me, but I imagine most people do not consume of this magnitude. Maybe I’m wrong.

    1. Remember that it’s literally her job to continuously try new products. She’s done at least one video like this before and I don’t remember dry shampoo being included. Maybe she decided it was time to have another and looked at the things she uses every week, if not every day, and decided to research dry shampoos for this video and her results are here. She would have needed to buy the new products and try them out so she had one she could recommend. Plus, I know I’ve had a closet with a zillion partially used bottles of shampoo and products that were “just okay” that I held onto for when I ran out of my fave or to give another try (and then usually didn’t). I got tired of having to slog through that so I finally stopped keeping everything, but I still have a shelf full. Occasionally I try something from the shelf and once in a blue moon I discover something I now like. I can’t begin to imagine how much stuff she could accumulate with the number of products she tests!

  9. If you’d ever like to collab to discuss some of the science behind some of these things, please let me know! There is a ton of fear mongering and I love discussing fact from fiction when it comes to marketing. I love you!! ❤️

  10. Unfortunately, “a study” can prove almost any theory someone wants, depending on the controls, the exaggeration, in vivo vs. in vitro, etc. I still put my trust in the doctors who explain WHY some of these fear-mongering studies don’t actually prove to be harmful to the human body. But it’s still something interesting for us to talk about. Nothing wrong with questioning these things either, but let’s not tell people it’s outright bad especially when it isn’t our field of study because of just 1 study that was funded by a specific company to meet their agenda… Yes, this happens all the time. Anyways, always a joy watching your content Shea! Glad you state these are your opinions as you are entitled to them ❤❤

    1. This was the number 1 thing I learned in college. One professor had us do experiments and showed us how to get the results we wanted in the end. And we were all assigned different conclusions from the exact same experiment. Studies have to have been replicated multiple times and peer reviewed. If they aren’t extensively peer reviewed, it’s just nonsense.

    2. @Wendi O That’s so fascinating! And that’s a good lesson to teach, regardless of your field. Thanks for sharing that. I enjoy that kind of literature in my free time and sometimes I wish I had this interest sooner so I could’ve gone to med school!

    1. No, she definitely cannot (which OP knows, but just thought I’d say explicitly). Love Shea, but much of this information is misleading or incorrect. I know it was done with good intent, but some of the claims are problematic – and there is really no evidence that the alternative is safer (in some cases, alternatives are worse e.g. promoting essential oils under the arms but vilifying fragrance). Sorry Shea – I’m not meaning to criticize you, personally, but so much false information is out there.

  11. Just a side note to the using coconut oil as a moisturiser in place of body lotion, yes it is amazing for the skin and healthier but, make sure you apply this at night! If you put this on in the morning before you go out especially when it is hot you are essentially basting yourself and it will intensify the sun on your skin.

    1. @Catherine Brooks I heard the same and tried it. I roasted myself and ended up with sun poisoning! I’m fair skinned so I burn easily but, I was a rotisserie chicken afterwards. Be safe!

  12. As a cancer nurse, I would like to point out that the breast tissue drains to the lymph glands under the arm not the other way round. Thus deodorant ingredients do not go the other way. However if you are more comfortable using alternatives to traditional that is your choice.

    1. Thank you for offering your opinion. As a breast cancer survivor, I’m glad to know I don’t need to give up the only deodorant that actually works for me.

  13. This video does nothing but create fear. These products went thru rigorous research, FDA approval etc, before they were allowed to be sold in the market. I’m over 60 and I have been using these items since I was a teen ager and nothing has happened so far. This is the reason why “vegan” / “organic” manufacturers tend to overprice their products because of people who are “believers”. I like most of your videos, I support you as I am from Pittsburgh myself. But please be careful with the info you are trying to influence people with, sorry.

    1. Hi. I agree with the main point you make BUT, the FDA’s rigorous testing is still done on chemicals (tens of thousands of chemicals!) That are illegal in many other countries due to the potential side effects. Its frustrating that our own government organization isn’t completely forthright with these things but that’s the truth. Unfortunately, it’s really the only measure we have that is ‘official’ and so we tend to adhere to their guidance. I understand the confusion this can cause though! Just so you know and can choose what’s actually best for you…

  14. Dermatologists seem to disagree with most of the points you made here. I for one tried aluminum free deodorants and got very tired of wet pits! 😆 Also FYI the makeup brush cleaner you recommended in a previous video (clear blue fluid—can’t recall the name) is straight up paint thinner. Usually love your vids, but you’re getting your info from a bad source. I’m going to guess Mercola…

    1. I bought that makeup brush cleaner based in her recommendation but omg it was so strong it gave my husband and I such a bad headache. I had to through it away.

    2. @Adriana Galyon , lol, on the brush cleaner bottle, the first listed warning is Flamable…but Dr Shea has an agenda. When she gets a PHD, becomes a physician or accredited scientist, maybe I will heed her suggestions. Otherwise, she needs to just keep promoting her designer handbags, overpriced love bracelets, and planes.

    3. @Monica Peralta Field , because she segues by saying “These are my opinions.” Lame crap, but she gets away with it. Meanwhile, some people worship her and will take everything she says to heart. She is wayyyy out of her league.

  15. There is a lot of misinformation out there and unfortunately in this video too. TSS is way more complicated than that. It is not caused by what is in the tampon. It is caused by the body fluid resting too long inside the body. There is no reason why pads and tampons would have parabens. There is a lot of misinformation out there and I am afraid you simply took them without really knowing/ understanding the science. I am not an expert in n the other things you talk, but now I find it hard to trust any of it.

  16. Shea, we love you. But there are so many misconceptions and lack of information/evidence within this video. Just because something is natural, doesn’t make it healthy or better for you. Chemicals aren’t bad for you, they’re specifically refined and formulated at a lab so they don’t harm you. None of the products shown in this video have been proven to cause cancer nor damage any vital organs of the human body. I understand you wanting to try a more “clean” alternative to certain products, but you shouldn’t claim something is toxic if you don’t know that for sure. You have a big platform and a big audience; both of those things mean you have a huge responsibility when it comes to your content.

    I hope you know this comes from a place of love and respect 💖

  17. I would never wear period underwear and, though you state you wear them, I really wonder about that. There’s no regulation on what makes a tampon or pad “organic”. Even if a product says it’s made of organic cotton, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it wasn’t bleached. There are not enough studies to conclude that non-organic cotton tampons are bad. You definitely need to change all tampons often

  18. Shea. I tend to agree with the majority here. You do an excellent job on most your videos, so people tend to see you as an expert. In this video you say several things that dermatologist would disagree with. Maybe share with us what your background is… a bachelors in chemistry…..pharmacology… maybe cosmetology? The use of the word “toxin” is just a fill in word…. Define the toxin, and then share the data or study that addresses its effects in the human body. At the end of the day, it’s your channel and you can take it any way you want. I’m seeing someone here who is an alarmist with no responsibility to share data, studies or etiology to support your claims. What proof do you have that any of your alternatives don’t also contain compounds that have adverse reactions in the body? Just asking for a little more responsibility in the claims you make.

  19. Really glad to see so many people commenting with a healthy level skepticism or information to the contrary as much of the points are very much up for debate or wrong. Need more citations when saying things are “toxic chemicals” or “cancer causing.” Creating unnecessary fear and stress is also unhealthy. Love product reviews and recommendations on this channel but not these types of “healthy product” videos with nothing backing up the claims

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