10 Outfits That Are OUT OF STYLE! *what to wear instead*

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41 Comments on “10 Outfits That Are OUT OF STYLE! *what to wear instead*”

  1. Great video!! Very helpful in purchasing some new items for fall. You’re so right about things going in and out of style. I’ve seen cowl neck sweaters go in and out of style since the 70’s. Loved the video!

  2. Love you Shea you always do such an amazing job! I did check with the fashion police and yes leopard is still in for 2022/23! and I agree with you that there are certain prints that are just cheesy (no matter what animal we rep) like the first ones you showed, so we need to be careful when we wear those but the bigger prints! and yes the more subtle prints are still in and they are rocking it. Just a sidenote with V-neck T-shirts. Some of us girls, who have large “top girls”, need the v-neck to flatter the tops of our bodies. So in my opinion a T-shirt is a T-shirt and regardless of the style T-shirts will never go out of style. Keep doing your awesome stuff! ❤❤❤

    1. I have a short neck so v necks are my go to. They elongate the look of my neck. Also big “girls ” so in or out of style I’m wearing v necks.

  3. Most of these I’m fine with being out. The only two I disagree on are the v-necks and boots. Those really are classics in all styles due to preference, body shape, etc.

    1. Yes I agree v neck goes with women different body types and is a classic. She got it wrong with the animal print that is always in style a classic. Fun video tho!

  4. I personally find it exhausting to even think about all the trends and styles and what’s in and what’s out🤷🏻‍♀️, which is why I prefer simple, classic styles. Would you consider doing a video on things that never go out of style?

  5. I agree with all of these and started to drift away from them a couple years ago because the styles were just looking a bit tired. My husband also commented the other day that he’s seeing alot less females dressed like Han Solo this year. 😆

  6. I know these videos are for fun and people should wear what they are comfortable in. One thing to notice though, is if large companies are still selling some of these styles than they likely aren’t as out of style as one may think. Just something to keep in mind when shopping.💜

    1. I agree. Honestly, I’m starting to find these videos a little exhausting. These are regular clothing items — nobody is ever going to notice if it’s cold and you’re wearing an Infinity scarf vs. a regular scarf. It’s almost like this list is “what’s out of style for Instagram posts” and not regular people.

    2. I’m not sure that’s true. It’s surprising how many people are consistently a few years behind what the trends are and always playing catch up. It’s as if they see it enough on others and in movies (which are usually not released for a year to year and a half after shooting) that they finally feel comfortable and sure buying the style. Then the next year, it’s pretty much out of style. But the clothes feel new to them still and they aren’t going to replace them, certainly not with new, untested styles, so the process starts again.

      Also, some people get stuck in a rut wearing things that were popular when they were in college or even in high school. They remember them fondly and the memories make them feel youthful even though the styles don’t make them LOOK youthful. So you see a whole lot of people of a certain age walking around with “the infinity scarf look” or the “waterfall sweater and long necklace look”.

      And then there are the things that seem to hang on forever now – like leggings and skinny jeans – because people just won’t give them up for a combo of these reasons plus comfort. They’ve become uniforms. BTW, most of us still have leggings and skinny jeans – I do, too, but I don’t wear them when I’m going out. Heck, I still even have some of the super stretchy PATTERNED leggings that I wear hanging around my house! They’re as comfy as staying in jammies (which I also occasionally do) but I get more done because I don’t feel as lazy! 😂

  7. This is so funny for me! As a 70 yr old women I rock nearly all of these “out of date” styles because frankly I can’t afford to ditch my whole wardrobe. I wear what looks good on my 5’2″ frame! I love animal prints when done well, cowl neck sweaters, round toe boots and peep toe shoes! Never been a fan of waterfall sweaters or infinity scarves or super skinny jeans! I mainly shop at Chicos, Talbot’s and Chadwicks online and guess what, they are selling all of these supposed fashion faux pas!

    1. Hi Shea, thanks for the updates🤗. I’ve never liked “infinity scarves (although I do have some😮), cowl neck sweaters are uncomfortable and never stay put. I’m over 70 and no leopard boots/shoes for me. I will be keeping some of my round tie booties. Their to $$ to replace for me plus I feel more useful for our mid-west winters. Keep us updated🎉. Love watching and listening to your suggestions.

  8. And so goes much of the arsenal for the short apple shapes among us. The cardigans that flare (as opposed to creating bulk exactly at the wrong place), V necks, and failing that, the long pendants. I spent years curating what works with my body and personal style and I am going to stick to that. When it comes to boots, they are expensive and sturdy footwear so I don’t own many pairs, and they get worn until they let the snow in. Tough luck, my winter boots have a contrasting sole. That’s OK, they will probably be back in style next year. I’ll survive 2022.

  9. Fun video! I was trying on my fall wardrobe and put on an old favorite which was a plum color puff sleeve waterfall cardigan. Immediately I knew something was wrong with it, and, I wasn’t sure why. I just knew that it didn’t look right. Now I know why, it’s out of style LOL. In January in frigid PA, I pull out my cowl neck sweaters, and I’m grateful for them. I find them more comfortable, warmer, and easier to wear than turtlenecks or sweater with scarf.

  10. Too funny. Nothing is out if you feel good in it!! I am 49 and I can remember doing my hair like yours and wearing a shirt like yours (which is out by the way😅). Everything comes back around. Nothing new here!! Love your videos!!!

  11. I think style and “trends” are two different things. We all have our own style. Trends are what go in and out. I try to avoid looking too trendy or shopping for overly trendy things.

  12. Learning your style aesthetic and flattering styles for your body shape will always make you look chic and stylish which is my goal not trendy fast fashion. Ladies keep the things you love and feel amazing in and just add an updated element that will always. make you look current.

  13. I just enjoy the sense of humor on your videos Shea, I enjoy my cup of coffe as Shea gives us great information for outdated outfits. Life is good! Thank you! Many blessings ❤

  14. The problem with trends is that so called “new” recommendation will also go out in style in a year or two. It is a constant hamster wheel to try being trendy. A better solution is to develop your own style that is unique to you.

  15. Yep, v-neck t-shirts are a must for many of us. A scoop neck could work as a sub, but they show so much more skin, which is super pale in fall, and often slips past a bra strap. Crew necks are a no over 50. Maybe even 40. V-neck for the win. You can keep all the rest – never liked them the first go around haha

  16. Not a fan of most of the things in this video but I do have a mermaid hair waver and love it! Also as a plus sized gal with a large chest, v necks will never be out of style, they’re a necessity.

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