10 “Normal” Fashion Trends OUT OF STYLE in 2021!

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52 Comments on “10 “Normal” Fashion Trends OUT OF STYLE in 2021!”

  1. I might agree with everything else but when It comes to crop tops, there’s an age limit for that most definitely. That would look cheap and trashy on older women

    1. skin tight crop tops with stomach showing in between – yes, they are hard to pull off when you’re older. But if you go for wider, box crop top with higher waisted pants that are well tailored in the stomach area it can look good in every age. Maybe not every body type, sure, but so many trends are not body inclusive that it’s just how it is.

    2. I didn’t feel like she was saying “switch to crop tops” at all. I heard, “Ditch the tunics and low hip length tops and go for mid to high hip” because I’m well past the age where a crop top begins to elicit gags instead of wolf whistles! 😂

  2. When skinnies became so popular, I fought it for so long. Then when it was literally the only thing you could buy, I had to give in but hated every minute. I literally got rid of all of my skinny jeans the second the mom jean made her comeback. I’m so happy with how many non-skinny jean options there are now! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

    1. Yessss same! I thought my legs looked terrible in skinny jeans. In the height of the skinny times I remember peeling them off at the end of the day with the imprints of the seams in my legs 😂 the worst was when high waist wasn’t super cool yet in like 2009/2010 and it was tight and they’d slip down the hips too much

  3. Love your videos! How do you style straight leg/slightly cropped jeans for the winter? I have to wear long socks because my feet and ankles would Freeze if they were exposed! So many websites show ankle length jeans with sandals or mules, however those aren’t practical for us who live in snowy climates!

    1. @Spencer Reid Yes! I’ve been doing that for some years now. But, What are we to do about that space of skin between the short legs and the top of the ankle boot? I can’t go with that showing when it’s freezing outside.

    2. I agree, those who live in cold snowy states can’t pull of that look. And, we definitely can’t stuff wide, or straight legged cropped pants into rider boots…ta-cky!! So, “I” think we have to wear skinny jeans, with a fitted crop top (keep it classy, — belly and age permitting) 😳 and the over sized boyfriend blazer. Or, the Shacket, fitted Turtle neck with skinny or straight legged jeans, with our hiking or combat boots.
      …and we still WIN! We have to dress for the climate we live in. But most of all, wear what you can afford, and what makes YOU feel and look amazing.

  4. For petite women boyfriend blazers can be too long … so the shorter jackets work better for shorter torsos …. Skinny Jean are still “in” because of the tall boots … bottom line – find what works for you … keep it classy and you do you 😊

  5. Thanks Shea! This is why I rarely go with a “trend”. In one day out the next. Not giving up my skinny jeans though. Don’t wear them a lot but still like them for my tall boots, and even my short boots with certain outfits, but my mom jeans and straight leg are my favorite. Never felt good in a poncho, felt sloppy.

  6. Styles change for one reason and only one reason, to keep us buying and spending. So wear what you like, and what looks good on you. Forget the fashion and branding money pit!

    1. Well, of course that’s true. On the other hand, this is a fashion channel. The job of a fashion channel is to let you know what’s in and what’s out so you can make those decisions.

  7. Soooooo….I can’t be the only one whose ankles get really, really cold in the winter when wearing the crop pant/bootie combo. Shea, help! How do we stay warm and look stylish? I’m so conflicted 🤔

    1. @F michaud haha right? Also in Vancouver when it rains most of the year, we just wear boots above the ankles and warm thick long socks 🤷🏻‍♀️ then toques and rain jackets. and then tuck in a shirt since cropped shirts don’t work either.

    2. Wear taller socks or jeans that will tuck into your booties when you’re outside, Cuff the up, or fold down your socks into the boot when you head indoors. Why be miserable?🤷‍♀️

  8. It’s sad that people choose to wear things depending upon what strangers think. That something is “out” as of 5 or 6 years ago. When are we going to simply feel that everyone is “in style” when they are clean and confident and happy with his or herself?

    1. Agree . One has to take into consideration that this is all just a marketing ploy to buy more clothes! Trend and style are 2 different things.

  9. Honestly 2022 – anything goes. There are no rules anymore. People have hair every color of the rainbow, high waters, ill fitting jeans, clunky tennis shoes and granny glasses are in fashion now – I honestly just don’t think there are rules anymore for anything 🤷‍♀️.

    1. look on the 80′ fashion or even 00′ 🙂 I think every time the trends change massively everyone things we are in post-apocalypse, but then it just becomes the new normal

  10. I have a few vintage furs (stoles and an evening coat) from my grandmother and I love them in the winter for special occasions, holidays, NYE etc there’s a great nostalgia about them, both personal and era wise and they’re warm AF. BUT would I go out and buy one new? Nope

  11. Agree with you on all these items! I do like my skinny jeans though and will keep them in the rotation but have added some cute straight leg and wide leg jeans that I love. I can’t (won’t) do Mom jeans though. We called them Mom jeans for a reason and it wasn’t a compliment. Love your videos!!

  12. I get it that cropped and tight shirts under boyfriend jackets or shirts are in style. But for those of us with a middle that doesn’t allow for a crop top, or an oversized jacket only adds to our already oversized silhouette, what do you recommend? I’d love to hear some ideas that accommodate the average figure.

  13. No need to apologize for your content! 💕 Like you said, “it comes with the territory”… you’re just the messenger- fashion is always changing and is meant to inspire individuals own sense of style 😘 still loving my skinny jeans with a long cardigan and heeled booties

  14. Honestly, the whole skinny/loose jean thing is so silly. It’s so much more important to wear something you feel good in. Something that flatters you and makes you feel great. Trends come and go and they’re all about companies making money.
    And as a 40 year old woman, those loose fitting jeans that are so fashionable now, well, they’re 20 years old. They’re not new.
    I still enjoy these videos though, don’t get me wrong. But I’m rooting for 2022 to be the year where anything goes.

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