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24 Comments on “10 MUST HAVE BEAUTY PRODUCTS FOR MATURE WOMEN (2023) | Risa Does Makeup”

  1. I love dermatica! Ever since u posted that 1st video of your results, I went straight to buy! Been using it ever since! I’ve been using for 4 months. My prescription is tretinoin and niacinamide. But I don’t have any skin issues. Just anti aging and fine lines and wrinkles and of course dullness. But it has brightened my skin, diminished the look of my fine lines and it does have the perfect amount of product and I do like the newest packaging!

  2. I started using Dermatica last September. My formula also contains tretinoin and azaleic acid and OMG! I’m 55 and have to honestly say my skin never looked better. It works.

    1. Mine is the same. I’m 49 with extremely dry skin, and was not able to tolerate the .025 that my derm prescribed. Dermatic sent me and weaker dose (0.15 I think) with the azaleas acid.

    1. I am following you Risa more and more ,I think that you are touching on issues that each of us are experiencing.I am over fifty.Cheers

  3. Risa, this has been such a helpful video!! I am 62 and I took notes, haha. Seriously, it was helpful and wonderful. Please do a part 2 with other products, such as makeup products, or other products that you might think of. I appreciate you very much.

  4. Thank you, Risa. I’m 65 & truly enjoy your videos. Please do a part 2 of this video focusing on makeup. I prefer using drug store / affordable products over luxury products.

  5. Hi Risa, you look fantastic. Yes I would like a Part 2. I love your videos and value your opinions and suggestions. You are always in my thoughts and prayers 💗🙏

  6. Does anyone else think that watching Risa doubt herself and her video plan (and occasionally lose track of the narrative thread) is very much part of her charm? Absolutely adorable. Even tho she wanders, she always gives valuable advice to those of us who are over 40. Or 35. Or 30.

  7. Hello Risa, I have been watching your videos for some time now and I enjoy them so much! I have purchased several products that you have reviewed and I was happy with the results!
    I am 73 and have always been a skincare and make up junkie. I have been blessed with good genes, so between never having been a ” sun person “, the genes and many years of taking care of my skin, I am in pretty good shape 🤣!
    Looking forward to your next video!
    Linda from Las Vegas

  8. Hey, Risa! First, you definitely can tell an improvement in your skin. Texture is improved and you have less redness. I’ve struggled with oily skin and large pores all my life. I’m 54 and subscribe to the Agency skin care service. While my skin does looks better, I haven’t seen the improvements that I feel I should with consistent use over 2 years or longer. I’m going to give Dermatica a try. Thank you for your continued effort and energy to provide us mature ladies with a quality channel. I’ve watched your content for many years and still feel that it’s one of the best channels for makeup, hair and skin care regardless of a person’s age. Congrats to you and keep up the amazing work!

  9. Thanks Risa! Great list. I have seen results with the gua Sha after your suggestion. I have been using the Strivectin neck cream and it works! I was using that for months before beginning the gua Sha so have an independent opinion for each. BTW, loving your lashes!❤ P.S. another vid for m/u for 40+ would be nice.

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