10 *Healthy Habits* That ACTUALLY Changed My Life!

10 *Healthy Habits* That ACTUALLY Changed My Life! Thanks Ritual for sponsoring this video! #RitualPartner Get 30% off your first month of Ritual and click this link https://ritual.com/SHEAWHITNEY30 to start a new healthy habit! Everything else shown is linked below!

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ACAI BOWL RECIPE/INGREDIENTS (tweak to your liking)
-Pure Unsweetened Acai
-1 Frozen Banana
-A few frozen fruit chunks (strawberry, blackberry, etc)
-Handful of Spinach
-Broccoli or Alfalfa Sprouts
-1 Tbsp Raw Cacao Powder
-2 Tbsp Chia Seeds
-2 Tbsp Flax Seeds
-1 cup of ice
-1/2 cup milk of your choice or water & BLEND!!
**It’ll take a few tries to get the liquid to ice ratio down…you want a very thick ice cream consistency! Give it a few tries!!

Mineral Drops: https://amzn.to/3Cr0M27

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37 Comments on “10 *Healthy Habits* That ACTUALLY Changed My Life!”

  1. I’m always looking forward to Saturday mornings for your videos!!! ❤️ thank you so much for these interesting videos and for always sharing your opinion! Keep up the GREAT WORK!!! many blessings to you and your beautiful family in this 2023! ❤️

  2. Just a tip about eggs, I noticed you placed the egg back into the box with the tip up, but you should always store eggs with the tip down, so that the little air chamber inside the egg is compressed by the egg white, that will delay the development of bacteria and the egg will stay fresh longer. And also, eggs should be cleaned but not washed in water until the moment you will use them, because the egg shell is very porous, and contact with water dissolves the protective cuticle inside the shell that prevents contamination by bacteria.

    1. @Ashley Bidon Wow, so you don’t clean the, well… you know, from the eggs? Notice: not washing, but cleaning. I mean, you’re handling dirty eggs while you’re handling food 😅 lol.
      Besides, before using any egg you have to do the soaking test to see if they’re good [if they float they are spoiled] so they will have to go into water for that anyway.
      PS: I don’t know how it is in the USA but here in Europe you will notice store bought eggs come stored with the tip facing down for that reason I mentioned because their shelf time is longer that way.

    2. @stupor mundi
      In the US, eggs are all washed before they come to us, so they must come refrigerated by law and must be kept refrigerated. Once washed, the protective layer has been breached or removed and they are no longer safe in refrigerated. But there’s also no…stuff…on them, either. So must people don’t wash them or rinse them before use – there’s no need. Obviously, this doesn’t pertain if you have your own laying hens. But it does apply to eggs sold in farmers’ markets. Most state laws actually require it of any eggs sold.

    3. @Lucinda Jackson Thanks for sharing, that explains it, so it is different. Generally here in Europe they are not refrigerated and they are cleaned to some extent, but they do not come 100% squeaky clean. Sometimes you even find a little feather in the box 🙂 Personally I rather prefer that they retain their protective layer. I do store them in the fridge but that’s just me being over cautious.

    4. @stupor mundi
      Yes, I know they’re just out there. Here, in the refrigerated section next to the cheeses, etc. And they’re pretty darned clean.

    5. @stupor mundi they are fresh laid ❤️ check or out, read about them, it’s fascinating! Most store bought eggs set on the shelves for a LONG time. We do wash the dirty eggs right before we use them but only then.

  3. Yes! Sleeping on a flatter pillow definitely helps, especially if you are diagnosed with migraines. Hyperextending your neck can trigger a migraine. It can also result in a tension headache that leads to a migraine. Also, while we are here…I want to make it clear I’m talking about actual diagnosed migranes which is a neurological condition–not just a really bad headache. As someone who is in my late 40s and has had them since my teens (they’re hereditary), it’s very frustrating to see the term misused. Since it is so often misused, I feel the need to clarify that I am not doing that.

    Please, don’t overuse/misuse “migraine,” and please respect that there is so much more going on than physical pain. It’s a neurological condition, so some people describe it as similar to epilepsy. Many of the same medications are used for both.

    Sorry to get on a soapbox, but it’s frustrating to see some people trying to get attention for a bad headache by calling it a migraine. Then, when others who actually have the diagnosis say something, they are dismissed as attention-seeking as well.

    This happens with a lot of medical issues, and it should not happen with any of them, IMHO. I can only speak on my experience. Please, treat each other with kindness and encourage others to think before they speak. Thank you.

    1. Agree! I have a brain injury and have had migraines ever since ( plus daily mild headaches). It really gets me when people compare to a hangover or caffeine withdrawal headache, or when they give recommendations (my gramma lol). No they aren’t triggered by foods or my menstrual cycle 🤦🏻‍♀️😩

    2. I have never been diagnosed with migraines, but I get them. Not much any more, thank God. I lose my vision, but first get auras. I have thrown up. I need to rest in a completely dark room.
      After sinus surgery in 2101, I rarely get them.
      I too, get annoyed when people feel a bad headache is a migraine. But, it does not keep me up at night, I just ignore some complainers.

    3. OMG, THIS!!!! I, too, have suffered with migraines since my teens and even had a lot of headaches as a child. I had several kinds. I’m not sure if the cluster headaches or the chronic migraines were the worst. My chronically would literally last for up to 6 months! The idiot woman who sat behind me at work used to claim migraines and call in constantly then show up at work with stories of all she did the day and night before – going out to dinner, to the movies, etc. 😳 When I had one (except for some of the longer chronic ones that were, thank God, less intense) I couldn’t eat for the most part and I certainly couldn’t handle the noise and bright screen of a movie! I’d be down for the count, in a dark room with an eye mask to keep out all light, no noise, a bucket beside the bed and, at their worst, I’d bang my head against the side if the bath tub because that felt better than the headache.

      Thankfully, they’re down to a full roar. Partly because I no longer work so less stress, but mostly because of keto. It was like magic! And if I slide off and start eating a regular American diet (stupid pandemic LOL) they come roaring back. It’s enough to keep me in line. So much freedom!

      And for the person who referenced menstrual cycles – hormones can greatly influence some people’s migraines. They sure did mine. I’m surprised I didn’t have a zillion kids – no migraines while pregnant. Mine are also triggered by atmospheric pressure changes among a slew of other things.

    4. @Lucinda Jackson  my references to cycles and foods was my particular situation as a tbi survivor. They aren’t exacerbated by things that make other types of migraines worse.

  4. I’m one of the rare people who feels better after Googling my symptoms. I’ve thought I had cancer or something terminal only to find it was something common and totally benign. My mom is the same way. So I guess I learned it from her. She used to be a nurse and I guess I’ve picked up on what to look for and the knowledge that it’s usually not life threatening.

  5. Excellent video! I love all of your videos and find all sorts of things that I can add to or subtract from my life to make life better! I just signed up for the Ritual Vitamins!

    And I’m a fellow Pittsburgh girl!!!


  6. Where I live few have access to healthcare and sometimes googling helps!

    I had inflamed tonsils which caused a bump in the roof of my mouth… I had convinced myself it was a tumour until I learned what inflamed tonsils felt like through the internet.

    Otherwise thank you Shea! Have a wonderful week and thank you for the video!

  7. What Josh does every morning is the best! My husband did it,my oldest son too. It helps your immune system so good. You can also do something like that when you finish your shower,put the water on cold and rinse your body of one more time. I wish I had the strength to do it myself..😊😂
    For the rest,I agree with you..only eating eggs not but I am vegan.🙏🏻

  8. My Mayo doctor actually recommended IF to me for many reasons including energy, weight loss and learning when really hungry. Sleeping with bra and undies? Ugh, no way hahaha! Thinking the minerals and cold shower (at end of warm water) sounds like good ideas to try! Thank you for good info to this 63 year young grandma! ❤

  9. I think it’s been about 2 years and I’m still eating your acai bowls a couple times a week and love them. It’s the only way I get baby kale into my diet. So yummy, it’s really like a dessert but I can put so many healthy foods in it. Thank you for recommending❤️

  10. I used to have care of. It’s gotten so expensive I was paying around 70$ a month. Switched to ritual two months ago. Cut my cost in half and a lot less pills to swallow. Nice minty flavor and I love it. Glad I switched. I wonder if I can use your coupon code even though I’ve already signed up???

  11. I agree with and actually do almost everything you mentioned. I eat an organic diet, but do take supplements and a synbiotic. I eat free range eggs almost every day (such a good source for a lot of healthy things) and I practice intermittent fasting, though I tend to have my first meal around 11:00 AM and my last around 5:00 PM. Seriously, aside from the cold plunge (which I have read has great health benefits) and the açaí bowl (though I do make myself smoothies with similar ingredients), I am right there with you!

    1. Move on from “free range” eggs. That’s a meaningless term that doesn’t mean what you think it does. Look for “pasture raised” or “pastured” on the carton. That’s what you’re looking for – these are the birds who actually get to go outside and have a little bit of dirt and sunshine and a better quality of life. So much healthier for them and, therefore, for you.

  12. I’ve been doing what I call intermittent fasting for years, way before it was even a thing, since my early teens I’ve never eaten breakfast and the first meal of my day was lunch time even at high school and I’ve always been like that, I actually don’t know how people can wake up and be hungry, I’ve only ever eaten when I’m hungry not because the clock ⏰ on the wall says it’s breakfast time, lunchtime or dinner time, I won’t eat anything past 7pm at night, I do have gut issues and this is what works for me, it’s not for everyone, turning the shower onto Cold 🥶 would give the same outcome as to sitting in a Cold 🥶 tub of water which probably costs a fortune for some, I tried the not washing my face in the morning for almost 3 months and my skin started to break out with these tiny little bumps on my face, once I started washing my face again in the morning, my skin went back to normal, personally I think if your doing that, you would need to change your pillowcase every night because of the bacteria that would just accumulate on your pillowcase naturally, plus the buildup of skincare that you use every night, it does rub off onto your pillowcase even though you may do your skincare routine earlier than you would go to bed there’s still a certain amount that goes into your pillowcase, I use Osmosis skincare products and there Catylist AC-11 leaves an orange mark on my pjs and my pillowcase which I do change every day ready for bed that night, there skincare has changed my skin for the better and if changing my pillowcase daily means I have lovely skin @63 years old then it’s worth it to me but I don’t have kiddos or have a huge amount of laundry, some great tips Shea, but some things aren’t a one thing fits all kind of thing. Nothing like fresh eggs from the farm compared to store bought ones, your lucky to have fresh eggs at your fingertips. We used to live on property and had our own chickens and our children would love getting the eggs every afternoon after school. Cheers from Queensland Australia 🇦🇺💗💙💙💙

    1. I’m a natural IF eater, too! I fought my mother like a tiger as a little kid when she’d force breakfast on me. She finally gave up when I was about 7 or 9! 😂

  13. The cold plunge is amazing!! Going to try the mineral thing. Thank you Shea I look forward to your videos as I trust your quality preferences and saves me a ton of time of research. Keep them coming! Been here since luxury bag videos before you had 100k followers

  14. That cold plunge tub looks amazing! I don’t get that involved in it- but at the end of every shower, I turn the hot water completely off & then try to stay under the shower for at least 2mins. I do notice I feel much more energized & focused, afterwards. Also- I’m so happy about your parents’ chickens… farm fresh eggs & poultry are SO much healthier than store-bought. My husband & I are going to start raising chickens in the spring & I can’t wait!

  15. OMG! Your husband is on the right track (according to my husband). He read this book by Wim Hof called the Wim Hof Method. The Ice Baths along with his breathing are supposed to be great for a looong healthy life. Get it for Josh to read. You can find the deep breathing on YouTube too!

  16. Thanks for the great tips! I’m literally addicted to acai. Love having them with bananas, granola, chopped nuts, chia seeds and almond butter.

  17. I’ve been watching “Huberman Lab” podcasts here in YouTube. He has a great one on intermittent fasting for fat loss. I’ve listened to so many that I can’t remember which one I heard it on, but he is a fan of the cold therapy. I have four-yes four-autoimmune diseases and apparently the cold therapy is great for that inflammation. I’ve just been doing the kinda cold bath. I’m working my way down to the really cold in very small baby steps.

    He has a great one on forming habits too.

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