10 Fashion Mistakes Making You Look OLD & OUTDATED!

10 Fashion Mistakes Making You Look OLD & OUTDATED!! For links to everything shown in the video, click SHOW MORE!

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66 Comments on “10 Fashion Mistakes Making You Look OLD & OUTDATED!”

  1. Agree with everything (especially capris & Bermudas) aside from dying your hair lighter to make grey fade away. I’ve gone lighter before and it’s not flattering. Sometimes you’re just meant to be a dark brunette and deal with the upkeep. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Helps to be tall where most people can’t see your roots 😂

    1. I have dark hair (almost black). I can’t go so light that my grays don’t show. The upkeep on that would be ridiculous! I’m about to get a coppery balayage for the first time! Wish me luck!

    2. I swim laps almost daily, and it bleaches out my hair. My daughter tells me to stop dying my hair so light because it doesn’t look good. So before I go to visit, I dye my hair back to its naturally dark color.

  2. Lol…absolutely agree! I’m 57 and teach middle school. I try to keep up with the latest styles and color my hair blonde. Every time the kids try to guess my age the highest they guess is 42. So, when a student with behavior challenges thought that she was going to insult me by calling me an “old lady”, I said, “I’m actually thankful that I made to this age…so thanks!” She didn’t have a come back 🙂

    1. Sorry! It was part of a copy & paste from my clipboard. Lol what I intended to say was, ‘as a fellow teacher I know the feeling of being told to go out to pasture. Lol

    2. Did you know that if you color your hair darker it will make you look even younger?! I’m twenty-something and in college and one of my professors who is 50+ had light blondy hair and then she colored it to a nice chocolate brown and she looked a million times younger! I think the science behind this is because blonde is lighter meaning less pigment and gray/white hair is also lighter which has no pigment which makes people look older. But rich dark brown hair is associated with the hair still having great pigment which correlates with youth!

  3. I don’t follow fashion trends or home decorating trends. Our house is decorated the way my husband and I like it. It’s cozy and comfortable.

    Ever since menopause, my weight has changed. I’m not 125 pounds anymore so I can’t dress like thinner people do, it’s just not flattering. I wear what makes me feel good about myself. If someone has the nerve to say something to me about what I wear or how my house is decorated, then maybe they aren’t really my friend.

    This life is too short and I’m going to do what makes me happy. It’s as simple as that. Trends come and go every day. I know this because I’ve been seeing young girls in bell bottoms! 😁

  4. Hi, Shea! One note about capris. I am short waisted so wearing capris can help balance out my leg to torso ratio. The key, I have found, is finding the sweet spot for them hemline so they shorten the leg without the stumpy effect. If I wear capris, I roll them up so they end below the knee and above the widest portion of my calf. That usually gives me a solid 1/3 torso (with the right shirt), 1/3 pants, 1/3 bare legs with nude shoes. This is much better (for me) than 1/4 torso and 3/4 legs, especially since I am large chested. Or, as you mentioned, 7/8 or ankle length pants can work as long as your shoes contrast with the pants (for us short torso ladies). Love your videos. 🙂

    1. I agree that capri length is unflattering on everyone. But I also think ankle and pedal pusher length ( just as you described -below the knee but above the calf) is flattering for everyone. But it has to be fitted at the bottom of the knee, not wide or loose.

    2. It’s funny because growing up if your pants were to high up the ankle they were called “Highwaters” and you got made fun of. So girl wear what looks good on you period. Capris and Bermuda shorts look really good on me but pants that are above my ankle or shorts too close to the knee or below them are really uncomfortable and look horrible on me too me so I don’t wear them. (The Bermudas I have are not touching my knees)

  5. I’m 60 and agree with all of the above. I hear what you’re saying on the hair color but I’m not ready to get rid of my fake dark hair yet. I’m naturally an ash blonde but went dark plum red years ago and love how it looks on me. Im also 5’10” so if my sparkles start to show most people can’t see it. I use the root cover up when needed. Im also blessed to have a daughter who’s a hair stylist so I probably get my roots touched up a little more often than if I had to pay full price for it. I often get mistaken for being in my early 50’s and sometimes 40’s. I do dress fashionably but I’ve strived to do that all of my life. I don’t wear stilettos anymore but I do wear cute shoes and there are so many cute sneakers out there that are very comfortable without looking like you’ve given up.

    Love your videos and you! 💕

    1. Oh, I forgot! I do have older friends that have gone blonde as they’ve gotten older, I don’t think it’s a win for everyone. It is lower maintenance but a lot of times it just really washes out your face.

  6. While I agree with most of your thoughts, I don’t agree with dying your hair to make you look younger. If you want to look your best your hair color should flatter your skin tone. You also just scared young girls with glasses into never wearing them. Looking young and sexy is important for your self esteem but being able to see is important for your health. Nothing attractive about a woman walking into a door.

    1. I can’t believe she said that. There’s so much wrong with this video. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was a little girl. And she is wrong it does matter what shape you wear because it can one harm your eye sight if your lenses don’t match up to your eye level. Two when I actually figured out what type of style looks good on me it made a huge difference in how thick my lenses were and how they looked on me. At 28 I got my first grays and they are silver and I have never touched them never will ❣️

  7. Agree with most of this except the glasses. There’s like one style that flatters my face shape, and believe me I’ve tried on many many pairs. Plus glasses are not cheap so you better pick a style that is classic/timeless if you can’t afford the trendy changes.

    1. I’ve worn glasses since I was 6 years old. I have heard my mother tell me this same advice about timeless glasses since I was that little. As a result, I had TERRIBLE glasses until I was old enough to buy my own glasses. My mother’s idea of timeless was always super dated and looked ridiculous on me. Glasses can instantly date you. I buy new glasses every 2-3 years because of how bad my eyesight is, but now I go out of my way to find flattering, well designed, current styles because it instantly makes you look more polished and put together. And that does not mean the glasses have to be super expensive. You can order glasses online now for under $100 a pair including lenses. Changing the style of your glasses every few years doesn’t have to be a huge investment and it can change your entire look. My current pair are full rim, black cat eye frames with gold nose bridge and stems. I get daily compliments on them. It’s often the very first thing people comment on and compliment. More than the compliments, my glasses give me pleasure to look at them. I love putting them on everyday.

  8. Agree with all your points. As a petite, capris make me look even shorter so do clunky shoes. I have embraced my salt and pepper hair though. As a busy late 50s person it was too much to keep on top of the roots etc. Now my hair is so much more healthy and shiny without all the processing. Luckily my profession in healthcare doesn’t downgrade a person too much based on their age.

  9. Shea, I’m in my 70s and must wear low-heeled shoes. I also have swelling of my feet and legs. I used to wear ballet flats, but now they highlight the swollen skin bulging out from the vamp area. After much searching, I discovered Enzo Angiolini Liberty flats (also by Bandolino). They look narrow-ish, but somehow disguise and accommodate the extra width and thickness of the older foot. The vamp rises to a point that camouflages the swollen top of the foot. These shoes can look quite dressy or casual. When it comes to really being dressed up, Manolo Blahnik’s Listony low-heeled pumps are wonderful. They may be discontinued, but other brands with similar looks are really great. Eileen Fisher and Bellini have similar low pumps with elegant lines.

    1. I’ve had some Enzo’s, most comfortable platforms ever!! I have spurs in my toe joints and other feet issues, 2 hip replacements so stable shoes are a must!!

  10. I think a better title would’ve been “10 fashion mistakes that make you look outdated” and dwelled less on looking “youthful” or “younger”.

  11. Shea – Challenge video: Please show us examples of comfortable shoes that look updated & stylish to wear with casual to dressy dresses and also with flowy long wide leg dress pants. I’m talking really comfortable shoes for those of us whose feet are trash &/or who must walk distances while dressed up (campus graduations for example.) Those of us with the miserable feet can’t wear those strappy high heeled shoes or even wedges that have much height.
    👉🏼Thank you for your videos!🙌🏼
    You help me be the cool & hip mom💃🏼🤣

    1. I buy many heeled boots from clarks. Some are 3″. Unbelievably comfortable. & fashionable. Ive stood in them for 8 hrs on marble floors.

    2. Dansko, Reef has shoes now that r amazing comfortable, Vionics make wedges, etc…i hav disabilitating arthritis. She s right, there re out there now

    3. Watch some Closet Confessions with Trinny Woodall. She loves to pair trainers with dresses and trousers and always makes it look cool

    4. @Moon Baby Vionic sandals work for me but they still are not fresh enough for a wedding. Dressy shoes are a real challenge when you need orthotics and can’t tolerate a high heel.

    5. Yup. All these young women in their Jimmy Chu’s will be able to understand the frustration when they get older. High heels with a pointy toe lead to back problems and bunions. When you need an orthotic it becomes very difficult to find something cute that works. I have never found a pair of shoes from Clerks that works. Some of the European brands are a bit better.

  12. I agree with you Shea on everything but the cardigans. You said you see everyone of all ages wearing them. Well, yes, because they are classic. I have cardigan sweaters and will continue to wear them along with everyone else. The oversize ones make me look like a child that raided my mother’s closet

    1. Have you ever watched videos on Petite Dressing? She gives great tips for petites.I bet you’ll find tips about the issues you mentioned. She’s really good, too.

    2. @Tasha Shea said in another video that Jean jackets and dresses are out of style. And yes, I still wear my jean jacket with my dresses too. I just don’t know what Shea expects me to wear over a dress

    3. @Petite Syrah 🤣🤣🤣right, no Jean jacket and no short cardi I just can’t. I haven’t totally jumped on the blazer bandwagon yet. They look nice on others but I think I have to find the right one. Right length, Right fit, color, all that lol.

  13. I have to agree with all your tips except coloring your hair lighter. I see too many middle aged and older women who go blonde and it doesn’t flatter them and they end up looking like they are “trying” to look young. I’m a natural dark brunette and lighter hair is not flattering on me at all. I also think a mistake brunettes make is going too dark…it’s harsh and aging. Great video! I especially have to agree with Bermuda shorts…I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone look good in those.

  14. Shea… It’s because when you get “older” you realize that a lot of these items are Practical! So, You get to an age that you really don’t give a $h!t what people think! If somethings practical, Comfortable & you think looks cute, you really don’t care! You’ll get there one day!😉

    1. Well her main purpose making these videos is to sell people stuff. And actually lots of these practical items she names „out“ are becoming very trendy in high fashion again.

    2. Yes she will, I had foot surgeries from always wearing high heels until my feet wer numb and now I’m paying for it. Tons of cute flattering shoes out there.

  15. I agree with almost everything you said, but I also agree very much with some of the comments below : cardigans are not only for little girls (just like trench coats, they are classics), lighter hair or dainty prints don’t suit everyone (even while you age, being aware of what flatters you in terms of color and design remains very important to be stylish) and using the words “old” and “ugly” as if they were synonymous is indeed quite disrespectful, and something youtubers should more be aware of.

    I hope my comment makes sense, English is not my first language ! 😉

  16. Shea, I really appreciate all your tips and your insight but why is the end-goal to look younger? More stylish, sure. More figure-flattering, totally agree! I’m pushing 50 and I for one don’t aim to “dress younger” than my age, I just want to look good regardless. And looking younger does not always mean looking better.

    1. Here with you Stephanie. I had my big 58 a couple of weeks ago. Agreed. I think her point is just that stylish, figure flattering, and fresh looking is equated with youth. Ladies of a certain age (imho) had the bad rep of “giving up” on looking good. Not us though! (My Dr. Martens sandals will be pried off my tired old feet when they drag me into the nursing home).

    2. This is what Shea does. While I agree that her audience skews younger than 50 and 60 year olds, she talks about what is current and what looks good. If your philosophy is “do what’s comfortable for you” which is great, then you shouldn’t be criticizing Shea. As a woman pushing 60 who can’t do the likes of skinny jeans anymore, take what works for you and discard the rest, without criticizing.

  17. Shea your commentary is always refreshing and even if I don’t agree with everything you say, you always give me ideas and food for thought in a friendly casual way.

  18. I watched this video this morning and I thought about it sporadically throughout the day. I feel that I must share my thoughts. I have enjoyed your videos for a number of years. You present enjoyable and relatable content about fashion. However, this video feels different to me. Your expressing that there are studies that show that glasses age you by five years and that gray hair does as well seems a bit unfair, in my opinion. One does not understand the grieving cycle that women undergo when they age until one ages. This video makes you seem…I am sorry to say this… a bit ageist.

    1. . ☝️🎁☝️Thank you for watching and commenting, congratulations, you have been selected in my draw 🎊🎉✨winners Dm to claim your prize🎁.

    2. You are so right about the “grieving” that comes with the aging process. I’ll be 50 this year and its hitting me reeally hard. We need to be made to feel like our lives aren’t over just because we aren’t 20 anymore. We’re still the same fun, loving, beautiful people we used to be, just a lot wiser. ❤

    3. I think I’m fortunate that in my job looking older gets you more respect. I wear glasses at work to look older, I’m 57 and work with men who are 50+. I dont mind my age at all. I dress nicely and have laser work done, work out, and think I look good for my age. But I am older and look it and I’m fine with it. If young people have a problem with older people, I don’t care. My best advice is to embrace your age, take care of yourself, find meaningful work or volunteer and be around people who make you happy. Everyone ages. My goal is to do it with grace

  19. A lot of the “out of date” items are what make summer clothes modest for those of us needing to cover shoulders and to the knees (especially in summer) by choice or religious readons. I would love to see a video with modest summer fashion alternatives.

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