10 Fashion Classics You Should Never Part With | Fall 2022 Fashion Trends

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10 Fashion Classics You Should Never Part With | Fall 2022 Fashion Trends
A few years back I did a major Marie Kondo on my closet and decluttered it to within an inch of its life! I was fairly extreme in my decluttering because I was moving house and moving into a much smaller closet. So it really was a case of needs must but if I had my time over there would be a number of items I would have most definitely hung onto. Namely my fab knee high leather boot collection and a few of my much-loved designer dresses.

While I mostly don't regret letting go of the pieces I did, there will always be a pang of sadness about a few pieces (that if really honest) I'd still like to own. With all of the fab new Fall 2022 fashion trends on offer at the moment I know how tempting it can be to move out pieces you've owned for a long time to make way for the new. But often those pieces that have been with you for the longest are the ones that you most need to hang on to. The shine wears off them and they may not have any hanger appeal but they can still be some of the hardest working pieces you own.

Anyway, I'm hoping that today's video serves as a gentle reminder to think twice before parting with some of your key fashion pieces – especially when it's tempting to buy new fashion trends for the colder months ahead.

As always, thanks so much for watching and I look forward to seeing you real soon.


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10 Fashion Classics You Should Never Part With


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32 Comments on “10 Fashion Classics You Should Never Part With | Fall 2022 Fashion Trends”

  1. Great video! Converse are a staple in my wardrobe – I wear them daily especially my leather ones as they go with everything, comfortable, easy to clean & weather appropriate – i have 2 pairs in black/white & bone/gold 🙌

  2. I’ve brought in a supply of straight leg jeans but am keeping my skinnies for (now) wearing under knee high boots and (later) wearing again if I’m still alive when they come back. I love my Chuck Taylors! I don’t think you should super-crop your denim jacket. I think you should thrift one for that purpose. I don’t care for the super-crop myself but that’s neither here nor there. There must be something you like about your present jacket since you’ve worn it in the past. Store it for a while.

  3. Love that Anine Bing t shirt on you! 👚

    Lol I can definitely relate to not-getting-rid-of-leather. I went through a dietary change that was against leather, where people encouraged me to get rid of my stash. I just couldn’t. I didn’t have the heart to let go of my collection. 🧥 half a decade later I’m eating meat again and I realize that my leather pieces are (and always will be) staples in my wardrobe

  4. Would love to see a video of your denim jacket cropping DIY experiment if you do go ahead with it Leonie. I’ve also clocked KarenBritChick with hers and in fact picked up a cheapie one at the op shop recently with a mind to trying it out myself. Just not sure what to do about the lower (vertical) pockets – maybe I need to keep searching for one without them? 🤔

  5. Good video, Leonie. Although, at 63, I own just a few pieces of these suggestions: leather and jeans jackets, and 2 blazers I hardly wear (too formal). I’m very aware now that slip dresses are not me, never have been, and never will be. Thanks for all your thoughtful suggestions.

  6. Slip dresses are a must and so are white button shirt ! Agree with everything you said ! Also I am really happy I have everything in your list! Love your detailed videos !

  7. I don’t own a pair of Chucks and I like them!! I love my puffer jackets but they aren’t as puffy as the ones I see today. Yes I totally agree with all your Keepers! The models you show are so helpful to see how I can wear what I already have. I have a black slip dress (just fits me), black boots with heels that aren’t really in fashion today but a classic and I love them. Thank for sharing your common sense and expertise in fashion.

  8. I bought my first Chuck Taylor dupes 20 years ago and I still love the style. I have bought multiple color Converse over the years but now I only use the grey ones (high and low tops). I keep the pink ones for my daughter, she is two years old, but maybe in then years she will like them.

  9. I had the heel changed on a pair of forest green boots recently and was thrilled with the square heel I had put on. The boots look on trend and are wonderful.

  10. Yes, converse Chuck Taylor been around a long time. I remember when they came out at a cost of $10. I am not a sneaker fan but I do like them. I love leather and keep all of mines. Great video and love the suggestions of holding on to quality things.

  11. yes. Great idea for a video. I feel the whole idea of “get rid of everything not giving you joy at this instant” is quite a privileged position and a bit silly from a “style always cycles back” perspective. Since I have a little bit of room to store, I keep things, put them away when I’ve worn out their welcome, then bring them back out years later. It’s super-fun.

  12. Regret 90 % of my decluttering . I shop carefully and intentionally and that stupid rule of « if you have not worn it for a year, get rid of it » was my downfall. ☹️

  13. I LOVE this video. You are so right – and you’re the only fashion expert I’ve seen saying this! Most encourage my favorite “sport” which is to declutter; and I have let go of some things I regret letting go of. Wish this video (an Youtube) had been around back then! Yes, I think anything with a classic shape that looks good on you and is of good quality is a keeper – whether it’s in or out of style. And if you can sew, sure why not experiment with your denim jacket?!

  14. These are so TRUE. I literally have my Mom’s knee high oxblood leather knee high boots with block heels from the 1960s and they’re so well made 🫶 I just condition and clean them at least 2x a year and store them in my closet and over the last 25+ years they’ve proven to be keepers 👌 I would add sequins and/or special occasion formal wear because you’d be surprised how you can reinvent, wear to parties/fancy dress events etc

  15. Totally agree with all categories because I am a hold on type of person (hoarder?), and I have some items in my closet that are older than my 33-year-old daughter. I pulled out a couple of 2 pc set and I got a lot of compliments on them both are the pull-on plain flowy gauzy wide leg pants and the sleeveless button up printed tunic length matching colors. I call these my Maude (it uses to be a sitcom here in America) suits. I have I think one pair of chucks and I have not even worn them yet and I have had them for many years. See the idea of holding on to items are really necessary for someone with a tight budget because designer hare constantly putting hard changes on the runway. Just in a two year span it went from pointed toe shoes to square to and now right back to include pointed again also. The same with the width of pants legs. Since I have all these different shapes in my closet, I am good to good. Thanks for sharing and blessing to you and all in the days to come.

  16. You’re so right about keeping leather! In the late 1980s I got my first full-time job and blew my first month’s pay packet on a fabulous leather jacket from an upmarket shop. It’s a black oversized bomber in buttery soft Italian leather with fabulous woven leather panels down the sides, and I’ve kept it all these years. I make sure it’s safely stored and cared for so it’s still in pristine condition. Every few years, black leather and/or bombers come back in style so I trot it out and enjoy the memory of how excited I was to buy it, and enjoy the compliments it usually brings. This year, black leather bombers are back in style, so it’s back in my main wardrobe ready to wear!

  17. Hi Leonie. This is another great video, which made me remember my old high quality beloved pieces that I had to part ways with over time for several reasons. Now that I have past the age of 50, I will try to keep my existing precious key pieces, and continue to look for ways to combine and use them again with the help of your great videos. Thank you for being here and sharing all those great fashion tips and pictures!

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