10 Color Combinations that *NEVER* Go Out of Style!

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25 Comments on “10 Color Combinations that *NEVER* Go Out of Style!”

  1. I love shopping with ThredUp. Going to Disneyworld soon so searched for clothes that will make us all look nice in pics but save us lots of money.

  2. The emerald green and blue and emerald green with camel is gorgeous!! I love styling those colors! I love the neutral whites also! Great video! ❤❤❤

  3. This was awesome. Thanks so much!
    Would love to see a video talking about and showing styles/outfits for different body types if at all possible 🙂

  4. I like this new type of video! It would be cool if you did a series of videos talking about color palettes for wardrobes, and what each of those could look like (ie. Neutrals, pastels, etc.) and where to find some of your favorite pieces in that color range.

  5. Shea ,this for me is one of your best videos,i didnt know about this company ,never heard of it!
    i just cant thank you enough for this video!you are a breath of fresh air and you literally make my day everytime you upload a video!
    Thank you so much!!!💝💝💝

    1. I loved this video…it helped a lot..I have all these colors in my closet didn’t know how to combine, excellent Excellent..loved..thank you

  6. Hey Shea! Can you link the skirt that’s leopard/cheetah print in the second to last outfit ? It’s such a gorgeous summer outfit and I’ve been looking for a similar skirt. Thanks!!

  7. Loves this video. I think you need to more like this. I loved all the outfits. The dress was my favorite. Loved this. Thanks and may you have a Blessed day.

  8. Big contrast between tops and bottoms can be a great look if you are taller than 5’3”, but shorter figures look even shorter in high contrast outfits. If you want to wear more than one color use the contrast in a scarf or in accessories or in shoes etc., and keep your main outfit to one color in different intensities.

  9. Really loved this video! You always look so polished and put together, which speaks volumes to the work you put into your videos. This effort does not go unnoticed!🥰🙂

    I think it would be really cool to show different options of clothing styles within each color pallet. For example, the yellow crop top you modeled; you mentioned how maybe not everyone would like how much skin the crop top shows off. Maybe you could also model a different style of yellow shirt? (Just a reference for a future idea!)

    Either way, this video was awesome, thank you for creating it!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Hey Shea!! Very interesting and inspiring video! I would love to have something about shoes: could it be nice for you to make a video about the different combinations between type of shoes & type of pants? I’m always hesitating on shoes according the pants length/form/pattern…

  11. Some of those colour combinations were back in the 70’ lol 😂, purple/yellow, was a big trend, I’ve always loved pairing leopard with either red or orange, the purple dress looked pretty on you Shea but once you added the cardigan it made the outfit look a little granny like, not something I’d wear over a pretty dress, always love these videos you put out. 💖💖

  12. I loved the purple outfit, it’s so delicate and feminine , and I loved the idea of mixing different shades of the same colour. Thank you for this video Shae💐

  13. My favourite colour combination for the current season is navy and mustard (ochre). A navy blazer, mustard and navy scarf, mustard loafers and matching bag, great with jeans or trousers or a skirt. So put together looking.

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