10 BEST & WORST Popular Products! (buy this, NOT that)

10 BEST & WORST Popular Products! (buy this, NOT that) For links to everything mentioned or shown in this video, click SHOW MORE!

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(in order of appearance)

Shirt I’m Wearing: https://amzn.to/3AgS5Ei

1. The Ordinary Serums: https://amzn.to/3EnQJtV

2. Brow Wax: https://amzn.to/2Xtf5ll

3. Brow Powder: https://bit.ly/2GTk9Dd
Clear Brow Gel: https://bit.ly/3dLUJIh

4. Perfume: https://bit.ly/3loP6DP

5. Magic Spoon Cereal: https://amzn.to/3nzD9xG

6. Joggers: https://bit.ly/3nAMi9h

7. Tarte Shape-Tape Concealer: https://bit.ly/3hCrBpD

8. Born This Way Concealer: https://bit.ly/3AhlcaF

9. The Pink Stuff: https://amzn.to/3tGXF0v

10. Dyson Airwrap: https://bit.ly/3hzvtYG
Longer Wand Attachments: https://bit.ly/3tIGHyB



MY AMAZON STOREFRONT: https://www.amazon.com/shop/sheawhitney
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VEGAMOUR HAIR & LASH SERUM: https://glnk.io/mjjj/sheawhitney
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MY FAVORITE CBD: https://myeq.info/3qoos00
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29 Comments on “10 BEST & WORST Popular Products! (buy this, NOT that)”

  1. Isn’t it funny how I trust your opinions waaayyyy more than thousands of reviews. I’m like it’s Shea certified so it’s DEFINITELY good ❤️❤️

  2. The ordinary products have been a game changer for my skincare I use the niacinamide serum & its helped make a difference in my pores since my T zone is oily & my pore have gotten smaller. Also thanks for the honesty about the dyson I always see it & feel like im missing out but now that you broke it down its really not worth the investment. Thank you for your recommendations!

  3. There are videos where people test their AC2, sugar, etc after taking different types of sweeteners, allulose doesn’t seem to spike them in most people. Malitol, on the other hand is one that seems to increase sugar levels for some. This is relevant if you are diabetic or keto. If sugar is really a concern in someone’s diet, getting some tests would be better and healthier, rather than just getting anxious about avoiding a whole food group, like carbs, for example.

  4. shea I have long straight thick hair and doing my hair even drying it is a process so i would love to see a must have hair products video from you! i’ve purchased many items based on your advice, You never steer me wrong so hair products video would be amazing 🤩

  5. I clicked for Baccarat Rouge 540. The best dupes I’ve found are Haramain Amer oud rouge and all saints sunset riot. Don’t gotta spend BR540 money to smell expensive.

    – I’ve been a part of fragcom for a long time and have a good collection 😊

  6. I love my air wrap!
    For the curling I personally use hairspray to set the curls and try to wait as long as possible until I brush out the hairspray. Sometimes I even do my hair before I go to bed so the hairspray can shape for as long as possible.
    That way my hair can last 3 or even 4 days!!

  7. Great video! Just want to say, I have the Kyda Eyebrow “wax” and while it’s not the best, and I’ll buy something else next time around, it’s not actually dried up. It’s a tiny bar of soap, and you have to wet the spool first. It goes on a little weird, but once it dries and you brush out your brows it works as it says it should!

  8. Isn’t she just a sweet soul? I love the way she pays attention to detail taking her time to not just hype products but tries them out before recommending. Thank you much

  9. I recently endured the tragedy of shattering my BR540 on the bathroom floor 😢 Sadly, nothing to salvage. When I did have the pleasure of wearing it, I too was asked about the fragrance by multiple people! It’s def on my birthday/Christmas list so hoping to wear it again soon. (This time fashioning a life vest of sorts to adhere to it 😉)

  10. Oh, I LOVE the brow soap! You have to wet the spoolie and rub the soap. It’s like a bar of soap – hard until mixed with water.
    Keeps my unruly brows in place all day!!!

  11. I love my dyson and my curls hold for 2 days. I would suggest after a few strands (3-4) I clip them into a bun it holds great! Also another tip is to hold the entire curl in the palm of your hands for a few seconds before letting it dangle

  12. Omg omg I’ve been driving my self crazy about the baccarat 540!!! Wondering if it was a hype thank thank you I only would believe you!! of course I’m going to order it now! One question did you prefer the perfume over the extract? Some People like the extract better 🤔 thanks Shea! Btw do you think it’s a special occasion or anytime scent?

  13. I was so excited to try baccarat rouge 540. I heard so many great reviews about it and the notes seemed very interesting and what I would normally like. However, when I tried a decant on my skin I didn’t smell much. It had this mineral smell with some weak burned sugar (which I normally love). I was so sad because i really wanted to like this and actually thought I got a bad sample. So I ordered a decant of the extract from a different company to see if it is stronger on my skin. It was a little better, but still smelled quite weak on my skin. I realized that both forms of this perfume don’t work with my skin chemistry sadly because it barely smelled like anything on me. I even thought something was wrong with my nose, but my husband agreed with me. My daughter however came to my room saying,” mom something smells REALLY good I could smell it from across the hallway”. She actually liked it so much she wanted a bottle as her graduation present! It is amazing how different people smell the same thing differently.

  14. Yes!!!! The Ordinary exfoliant is AMAZING!!! My makeup goes on so well the following morning after using it. If you have sensitive skin though I’d recommend not applying super thick and wash off a little before 10 minutes.

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