10 Beauty MYTHS Women Should *STOP* Believing!

10 Beauty MYTHS Women Should *STOP* Believing! For links to everything mentioned or shown in this video, click SHOW MORE!

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27 Comments on “10 Beauty MYTHS Women Should *STOP* Believing!”

  1. One of my Esthetician once educated me that “oily skin” derives from our skin being dry. Which is weird, but the drier our skin the more oils our skin produce to compensate with the dryness. So keeping our face, scalp, and body moisturized actually limits the amount of oil that our body needs to secrete. I don’t know how much of it its true, I did not do my research to support the claim, but I do find that following her advice helped my skin dramatically from head to toe. 😊🤍

  2. Cutting your hair is so the ends appear healthier by removing dead ends. Your hair growth is due to scalp care since that’s where the new virgin hair is coming from, so take care of your scalp ladies and gents! Love you shea you’re the best!!!

  3. Hairstylist here:

    It’s a myth if you’re just trimming the ends . Unless it’s above the splits which is usually a couple inches up, then it’s not doing anything.

    * you cannot repair split ends. You can soften them and make them feel a little better but nothing actually repairs hair that’s already dead. *

    Pulling grays doesn’t make more come out it just grows short and wire like and it’s more noticeable when it’s shorter after it starts growing back out..

    Excuse the grammar – quick writing ✍️ lol I hope everyone has a great hair day ! 🤍

  4. The caffeine 5% + EGCG from The Ordinary is actually life changing. The only eye cream I have found that works. It’s only like $5 too. Try it!

  5. I liked the dermaplaning tool you used. Do you put something on your skin when you remove your hair on your face? Btw, I think women’s hair grows @ different rates. I had a friend who couldn’t believe that I got my hair cut every 6 wks., so I measured my hair. My hair grew a 1 in. in that time period. So, it depends on the person. 😘

  6. Thank you Shea! If balding men thought that shaving could cause their hair growth you know they’d be shaving their heads. And getting more gray hairs is just a natural stage in life not plucking them gaining you more. Silly silly myths. Thank you for busting them.😊👍

    1. That’s also genetics. My friend who’s in her 50s never used any skin care at all, was a smoker and loves the sun and she still has no wrinkles. Everyone’s face is going to age differently and sometimes people just age well.

  7. I’ve known that mascara trick for 30 years. Never understood why people like to pump air into the tube and dry out their mascara. I simply twist the wand before I pull it out. I bet mascara companies hate me cuz my tubes literally last for months and months and months, and I apply 2-3 coats everyday. Just common sense. Thanks Shea!

  8. For people who have serious under eye concerns, I would recommend eye serums as they are more targeted. For example Innisfree’s green tea and black tea eye serums, which I find to be affordable and uses ingredients that are safe, have been found to be really amazing for treating under eye problems. Check their user reviews on their website if it’s something you are desperately looking to resolve

  9. From a hairstylist and Esthetician: Thanks for the myth busting! You are right haircuts don’t make your hair grow any faster. It does help keep the ends healthier and from more split end from occurring. Also you can’t repair split ends you need to cut them. Its good to use products that help strengthen and nourish the hair so that it doesn’t get brittle and split. As for skin: embracing your type is great, understanding it’s needs is even better. Though not all are created equal, so using Paula’s choice and Dr. Dennis at the same time and every day could be extremely harsh on some skin types. You really only need one and for some only once or twice a week. Also dermaplaning is another type of exfoliating so be careful using another exfoliate on the same day.

  10. The “fact checkers”?? I bet you always try to double-check the facts…Actually what any intelligent person should do. You’re the best, Shea! By the way great video. 😉

  11. I’m 74 and I’ve had oily skin my whole life. I always get compliments about how young I look. Nobody ever guesses my age. I’m so grateful that my oily skin has helped me more than not.

  12. I did hair for 15 years, and no, getting regular trims won’t make your hair grow faster. However, it does prevent breakage. In the long run it can save your length because once you have split ends, you can’t fix them. They have to be cut or they continue splitting.

  13. As a hairdresser, getting maintenance trims doesn’t make your hair grow any faster, but will give you the appearance of fuller, healthier hair.. which sometimes can give the illusion of longer hair (especially if your ends are see through)

  14. As a general rule, if you’re blonde, you’re eyebrows should be 1-3 shades darker than your hair. If you have dark hair, your brows should be 1-3 shades lighter than your hair.

  15. This is what I was taught in beauty school about eye creams. Eye creams aren’t actually important for everyone because some people really don’t need them but they are good for those with sensitive eyes or sensitive skin. The skin around your eye is much thinner than the skin on the rest of your face and for some they actually have to use eye creams or they will get tiny bumps under their eyes called milia. Milia is caused from multiple things but is often caused from using too heavy of creams around the eye area. An example would be; using your face cream on your eye area. Eye creams are specifically formulated for the eye area so they are made for thinner skin and generally light enough not to cause issues like milia or watery eyes. So you yourself may think eye creams are not important but for someone experiencing issues like watery eyes or milia bumps they most definitely do help!

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