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Products Used :
– NYX Bare With Me Daily Moisturizing primer – https://bit.ly/3NSoXdB

– FENTY Beauty Pro Filrt Hydrating foundation in 150 – https://bit.ly/3tGdBk5

– JOUER Essential High coverage concealer in Creme – https://bit.ly/3u8xoH5

– FENTY Beauty soft matte powder ( foundation ) in 150 – https://bit.ly/3NQP5pb

– BENEFIT Shellie blush – https://bit.ly/3b1G1iQ

– NYX Bare With Me setting spray – https://bit.ly/3MIuGBi

– Got2b glued hair gel – https://bit.ly/3aWlBaB

– NYX Thick it Stick it brow mascara in Taupe – https://bit.ly/3xMBbyE

– COLOURPOP Bare Necessities eyeshadow palette – https://colourpop.sjv.io/kjX4az – discount code " Denitsa" for 10% off 💸

– BH Cosmetics Base Booster – https://bit.ly/3Hn7nfb

– BARRY M Glitter Fixer Gel

– COLOURPOP Super Shock shadows in " Like a moss" and " Golden Hour" ( these are currently not available but here is a link to something similar – https://colourpop.sjv.io/Eaj0zP )

– OFRA highlighter – https://bit.ly/3NRL6Zg – discount code " Denitslava " for 30% off 💸

– HUDA Beauty lashes in Giselle – https://bit.ly/3QibEVj

– MELT Cosmetics Perfectionist lip pencil in Sepia and Bare – https://bit.ly/3xOqMCL

– HUDA Beauty Silk Balm – https://bit.ly/3HjKvxb

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FALSE LASHES Tutorial: https://goo.gl/N8AsdO
EYEBROW Tutorial: https://youtu.be/Wj3p0bo_2w0
EYELINER Tutorial: https://goo.gl/ffuQXl

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28 Comments on “✨ FULL MAKEUP TRANSFORMATION✨ You NEED To Try This Look!”

  1. Denny is literally the queen of everything like makeup , cheesecake! And EYEBROWS , and glitter✨ your so amazing u NEVER disappoint anyone and we all love u with or without makeup we love ❤️ u Denny

  2. “If they discontinue that foundation, I’m gonna cry. Like, a lot!”
    “Is that a threat?”

    I can’t. I just can’t with this woman anymore. Denny, you’re hilarious. I love it! 🥰

  3. Omg her voiceee I really can’t she’s literally so cute and her editing are just *chef’s kiss* I really enjoy her vids please make more vids Denny we all love you and always support you😁

  4. Deni, you are stunning!
    I just thought that I haven’t seen your videos for a while and I missed you, and you uploaded this new one
    Love you :3

  5. I love your videos. Love watching you turn your already beautiful face into a work of art. You make make-up fun. I appreciate your silly fun comedy/editing too. It’s like hanging with a best friend. You make me laugh and feel happy. Much love Deni

  6. Few days ago Your videos came as a recommendation from you tube and it was totally worth watching. In fact I watched almost all your previous vedios. I have just started to gather my makeup skills and totally love the way you explain everything so simply and so beautifully.
    I am really fan of your cutnessssss. Currently Your vedios is my sole source of entertainment… I adore you alot..
    Love from India ❤

  7. Last year, I got into wearing makeup but I didn’t have the best stuff and all I would do was eyeliner. But now, after watching this channel, I’ve looked into more skincare and better stuff, and I recently got some foundation that works perfectly for my skin.
    Makeup makes me feel really good about myself, so thanks you to Denni for making these videos! She’s inspired me to try different stuff and I’m really glad I did

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